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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Mar 14, 2013 9:50 PM Flag

    Rolling right along, ACTC will treat 3rd cohort as well as better sighted cohort too.

    This is all good if you ask me. Just from the scientific standpoint I wonder if the better sighted individuals will show improvement faster due to the fact that they have less damage in their eyeballlllllssssssss? More healthy cells within their retinas for the RPE cells to engraft to. OR, it could be a complete disaster with this big ol' blob of cells growing in the retina that don't do anything. Either way, I'm so f'n curious to see what happens with this, so I'm along for the ride at least another year now for sure. I think that once the results of the second cohort are released in more detail later this year there will be much more attention paid to ACT from many sources. Whether or not that translates to increase stock value remains to be seen. If we see more people in the 2nd cohort come out and talk about vision improvement as we did in the first cohort, there will be no turning back. The first cohort patients could be seen as a fluke, but if similar results are spoken by the second cohort patients, there will be a lot more buzz and exposure. Tres cool.

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