• bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Mar 16, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    V-solution....A non existent term that sums up Fraudz's ignorance .


    What kind of ancient, antiquated dinosaur with reefer madness makes up terms about a subject he is completely ignorant about? FRAUD Z BUSTER, that's who. He mocks natural medicine given to us by the God he falsely claims to worship. He has a made up version of Republican Jesus to fit his gun loving, racist and bigoted viewpoint of the world, so he doesn't feel any sense of accountability when it comes to sinful lifestyle choices he makes. He is clearly a lost soul, but he has the arrogance and audacity to preach to other Christians about using God's gift of natural medicine. This clown represents everything that is wrong with Christianity and America today.He will be very surprised on Judgement Day when he is shown that he has mocked God and His gifts and when he tries to tell St. Peter a racist watermelon joke. The lake of fire awaits him. As a good Liberal, I pray that God has compassion and spares him, but forgiveness is for those who ask AND try to live Christ centered lives. You can't continue to sin and hate and expect to be forgiven. Fraudz knows none of this. He worships his guns, his money and GlenBeck.

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