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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Mar 21, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    O/T- Spring Eggs

    What the fk has this country come to when we have to call Easter eggs Spring eggs,, Who the hell came up with that shiet,, I can only guess,,

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    • ca'mon Craig your being brainwashed ....the media reporting this #$%$ is the problem....never once have i heard of spring eggs and I'm 42 years old approaching forty three......spring rolls ...i heard of them...maybe get me some moo goo gai pan for lunch yumm......taking son to a marshmellow drop....they drop a gazillion marshmellows from a helicopter...#$%$ man it's supposed to be eggs...whats this country coming to? every time I hear Francis I think of the dudes from stripes

    • You dumb b-ast--adds, the country is going to be Christians and they are all will be speaking Spanish and most likely catholic and your a..s....s will be celebrating the Easter bunny and likin it,,

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    • I'm pretty sure that if this country ever adopts a Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, or Taoist holiday you'd be pretty keen to change the names yourself. Then again, it would be a hoot to see, wouldn't it? To put it another way, we have a Christian holiday that is pretty well shoved down the throat of all Americans, Christian and otherwise (otherwise becoming a majority, by the way). If Christian continues to become a minority, maybe you might want to think about the "de-religious-ing" of holidays. It's funny how the religion-in-charge always bemoans the taking away of state-identified religious names. I might think you'd have a different opinion if your religion wasn't the one benefiting.

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      • look man, I'm an athiest in a Christian country...and I've got no problem with easter....totally go with the flow and dig on some jelly beans and chocalate rabbits.....the super duper christians probably think the eggs are pagonistic anyhoo......died on a cross and then came back to life what a hoot ...why is it he never did anything after he came back? probably the david copperfield of his day LOL

    • Read 'Romeo and Juliet' and get over it. Oh, and get a grip on what's really important.