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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Mar 23, 2013 3:22 PM Flag

    Bunch of Shares

    I got em,, several hundred thousand shares,, I started buying ACTC when Obama signed in that stem cell deal,, it was the first stock I ever bought,, and what a dumb #$%$ I was buying in at 0.24,, but then I have bought in all the wall down to 0.04,, I know several other doc's in our hospital and between all of us we own dam near 2 mil shares,, we know the potential of regenerative medicine and the smarts of Lanza,, the eye thing is a big deal, but, the platelet thing is a big fkin deal,, we should hear good news over the next couple of years,,

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    • "we should hear good news over the next couple of years,,"

      Doc, once more I will have to disagree with you...............I believe that we will have great news sometime this Fall, and this probably the one and only time that you hope I am right and you're wrong, right?

    • i am right there with the rest of you! bought 200,000 shares at. 22 as well in my IRA account. Sure wish i :-) would have waited to buy at these levels but who knew. So I have been buying more at these levels in my scottrade account. My goal is 500,000 at the current price or as high as 9cts. Only 300,000 to go. Would be there already but life turned upside'down thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I believe in this stock so much that i am still wiling to gamble what savings i have left. Not much of a gambler but i like what i see as far where ACTC was years ago to where it is now. I look at this time to acquire more of this company before it is too late.

      Sure there is alot of negative thoughts on /this board but who really cares? I dont! Stay

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    • Craig, don't feel bad. My 300,000 plus shares were at an average cost, at approx $.22 and I've been with ACTC for several years now. My main reason......, I have faith in the science, and ACT technology. As you know, ACT's short comings are in the past, so I am hoping everything should start (i.e. turn around) to come together especially this year. As you know, the key date is March 2014 next year, and I'm hoping for the best. BTW: I hope Dr. Lanza's lecture went well at Hilton Head, SC this past weekend.

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    • Now that u r talking ACTC for a change... I have been in it for few years and holding 500K...


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    • This thread is intended to show those that are in the hole that we are all in the hole, but, this is the medicine of the future and we are on the ground floor of something that will forever change the face of medicine,, not to worry,, hell, we have been over .20 before and we will get back there and a shiet load more,, patience,,

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