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  • gadzillionman gadzillionman Mar 24, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    moral question

    I'm assuming by reading the company profile that ACTC uses the stem cells from human embryos that would eventually become a human life, but instead use them ( aborting life ) for research &/or to save another humans life. Please correct me if I'm wrong ? Thanks

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    • Yes, they could have become a human life like Hitler, the Son of Sam, John Wayne Gacy, Gary Ridgway, Ted Bundy, Wayne Williams, Ronald Dominique, Earle Nelson, William Bonin, Patrick Kearney, Joel Rifkin, Jeffrey Dahmer, Randy Kraft, Robert Yates, Robert Hansen, Donald Harvey, Charles Cullen, Amy Archer Giligan, Orville Lynn Majors, Kristen Gilbert, Michael Swango-------WHO ALL WERE ONCE EMBRYOS THAT BECAME HUMAN LIFE WHO THEN WENT ON TO MURDER MULTIPLE HUMAN LIVES THAT WERE ONCE EMBRYOS TOO. You're an idiot for asking a question that wasn't really a question but more of the "morality" garbage spewed by losers who don't like to read details. Apparently you aborted the brain God gave you in lieu of puking up sound bytes from fools.

    • more than likely most of those little lives are destined for life imprisnoment in cryogenic chambers.....once a stem line is created it has the potential to propogate you owned this before you even understood what they do......maybe you should reserach first and then buy......