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  • keep_investing keep_investing Apr 1, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Ok, here's how I see it

    1 - 4th cohort(200K cells) starts sometime this summer
    2 - Maurie Hill shows improved vision in her treated eye, during her 1 year checkup in July
    2 - EMS approves orphan drug status for SMD before Fall 2013
    3 - ACTC's share price hits $1 per share(pre RS) sometime this Fall
    4 - Dr. Lanza wins Nobel Prize in medicine, within the next 2 - 3 years

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    • Keep, hang on to those rose colored glasses. I like them.

    • Keep,, I don't know what type of engineer you are but do you see any significant obstacles in mass producing platelets,,

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      • Dr. C, there was a suggestion on icell that Langer's work on bio-reactors would come into play with the platelets. Here's a brief discussion made from the interview notes of msemporda with Rabin and Vincent about this topic:

        "...Dr. Langer and his lab are expert in Microfluidic Flow and Bioreactor Design and therefore are applying their knowledge to the development of a scalable technology solution for mass production of the Platelets. The critical issue technologically here was the breakthrough by Dr. Lanza and his team of creating Megakaryocytes without the need for feeder cells which in-turn makes scaling in a Bioreactor setting realistic for mass production - without this breakthrough scale would be unrealistic. This is what sets our science apart and ahead of the rest it was noted. Dr. Langer and his team are looking at a Continuous Flow Bioreactor solution with Flow

        Dynamics with Shear Forces involved using a biological environmental system similar to the natural body's way of replicating the MKs method of creating pro-Platelet forming cells and the growth mechanisms of the resulting Platelets getting taken up into the blood system. Sounded amazing at the time to be able to duplicate in an automated machine and still so in writing it up...

        The current work on the above is proceeding in micro scale with the idea to create a bench version then for a mobile hospital and beyond for large scale transportable systems and industrial purposes...."

        From my own experience in investing so far, whenever a company says they are working on a "bench version" or "prototype", that means we are many years away from commercialization... The RPE is the thing, i.e.

      • Doc, the only thing I can go by go by is what Dr. Lanza stated:

        "Some studies of iPSCs have suggested that they may have a higher risk of becoming cancerous. “Since platelets don’t have nuclei they can’t form tumours, which makes them ideal for the first iPSC clinical trial,” says Robert Lanza, chief medical officer at ACT.
        Volunteers will be given platelets made from pre-existing stocks of iPSCs, but if the trial goes well, Lanza says they will create platelets from cancer patients’ own cells."

    • Keep,, you forgot the platelet deal,, I think there is great potential with that program and it will be a significant money maker,,

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    • Sorry, messed up the numbering sequence, but you get the point.