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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Apr 7, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Rick Warren's Evangelical Spin Machine really pushing the "mental illness" angle

    After the suicide of his 27 year old single unmarried son Matthew on Friday, Rick Warren and the cure it with prayer set quickly hopped on the "mental illness" angle to explain away the misery suffered by Warren's youngest son. "Lifelong battle" and other all inclusive phrases have been used within 24 hours to get out ahead of any whispers that might hint of another reason for the young, sensitive and single Matthew Warren's despair at his existence. Everyone is saying they are praying for the family, too little too late if prayer worked maybe it should have been done earlier huh? Maybe they should have prayed that Rick not be so ignorant in his remarks about gays and gay marriage as well as the self righteousness that seems to accompany all self-proclaimed "Christians" in their conquest to do-as-I-say and not as I do. The true Christians I know never tell you they are Christians, they just try to do as Christ would have done, not what some man who wrote some book claiming to know all tells them. Funny how when some people are harassed, humiliated, suppressed and openly hated by an organization that claims to be of the loving God, they are labeled as "mentally ill" when they cannot rise above the personal hate and torture they feel. Yeah, the spin meisters including Rick Warren himself were really quick to get out ahead of truth on this one, barely missing a beat. Rest in Peace Matthew, I guess now you really know that GOD is not about hate and suppression and your spirit is now free from pain.

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