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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Apr 8, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    O/T- Doctors Filling For Bankruptcy


    From CNN this morning, due to regualtions, decrease in payments and poor economy, decrease in govt approved medicines in cancer clinics, and the list goes on, doctors are closing their doors all over the country,, some are just quiting and most are going to work at hospitals,, this is what the govt wants,, to have control over the docs and to set their payments,, more and more offices will close in the next year as Obamacare takes over,, there are already shortages of docs and this is going to get way worse,, like I have been saying all along,, you are going to loose your family doctor and you are going to wait in long lines to see one,, you are not going to be able to get your cancer medicine due to shortages and govt regulations,, this is going to get way bad,, but, this is what the left wants for us,, they win, you dont,, the sick and the old are going to die off,, welcome to Obamacare,,

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    • This started some time before Obama; but, yes the trend you pictured is true. The doctors are selling practices to hospitals because insurance companies reimburse hospitals much more than to private practitioners for the same service!! And, the hospital-group service quality is far worse than private practitioners'! When I called my insurance company about this, the first guy didn't know the reason!! The other guy stated that it's because the hiospitals have higher costs than private doctors for the same service and, thereofore, they get reimbursed more!! The reimbursement is not based on quality of service but based on what the projected cost of service is!! This practice began after HMOs came into existence and MBAs started running our medical system taken away from doctors!! Clearly, the culprits are lawyers and MBAs, not doctors!!! It's not just Obama; it's our bloody entire body of legislators who created this mess!! This country is no longer for the people, by the people and of the people; it's for the rich, by the rich and of the rich!!! If you are not wealthy, your legislator ignores you because you can't give him a lot of money to get him reelected!! And, you know, why it costs so much to win an election? It's bloody the TV advertising!! Media executives are behind all this political corruption!!Get it right buddy!!!

    • its here, every man for himself. do what you have, to take care of family and friends screw the rest. sorry but this is what it is. tragic

    • give it rest Craig

    • The "citizens" voted for it, they got it. Welcome to the NEW AMERICA, land of welfare.

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      • No, it's not the land of welfare because a lot more Americans are now homeless and on the street. It's the land of the rich and powerful, served well by lawyers, MBA's and vested interests like media and other greedy executives. The middle-class is squeezed between this class and those lazy bums on welfare who are all milked by the vested interests. Thanks to our politicians, all hungry for more and more money. God only can save an average American from this lot!!!