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    The Horrible Numbers: 2.2 Million Americans Behind Bars... Half Of Federal Prisoners Locked Up For Drug Crimes... WORLD'S HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATE... $1 TRILLION SPENT
    The Tide Is Turning... Growing Opposition... David Simon: We're At War With Ourselves... Chris Christie: 'A Failure'... Brad Pitt: 'A Charade'... Pat Robertson: 'Just Hasn't Succeeded'... The Shame Of 3 Strikes Laws... California Lawmakers Consider Reduced Sentencing... WATCH: 'The House I Live In'... WATCH: Interview With Film's Director... Russell Simmons: War On Drugs Is A War On America...


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    • Debt would go away in a few years if:
      1. Phony war on drugs stopped. Legalize pot and sentence those convicted of other drug crimes to treatment not jail. That is how it is handled in many other civilized countries.
      2. Stop policing the world. Why are we in Germany and Japan?
      3. Stop stupid wars. War is Afghanistan protecting us ? Really?
      4. Stop weapons that were designed for the world as it was 30 years ago. F22 for an example
      5. Term limits for congress and senate. Stop spending to buy votes for reelection.
      6. Stop giving gifts to large corporations either by special tax treatment or actual corporate welfare. #5 would take care of this somewhat.
      Will this happen? No. Instead we will have reduced services and cutbacks in programs that actually help the American people.

      Let's talk about entitlements.
      The rest of the world is not entitled to protection from the US paid for by the US taxpayer.
      Defense contractors are not entitled to money for programs that are not wanted, needed or even useful. They are especially not entitled to cost over runs on those programs.
      Corporations are not entitled to have their bad decisions made up for by gifts from the taxpayer.
      Why is AIG too big to fail but Social Security is not?

      We could be doing so much better.

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    • turn them loose, heck there is plenty of jobs available .LMAO