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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Apr 8, 2013 7:05 PM Flag

    O/T- The Ne*g*r*os


    And the early 20th centruy is when the war on marijuana started,,(you must know the history of this period to understand this) it was said the the ills of society were the musician ne*g*ros that smoked the pot and this was the beginning of the war on POT,, all at the same time the wigers were smokin the #$%$ and nothin was said,, the repubs are the blame for the stupid war on marijuana and it is still the same today,, they like any politican thinks they know what is good for us and they try and instill their values on the american people without a common frame of reference,, legalize and tax the dam stuff and pay for Bamcare,, hell, he smoked the shiet a whole year one night and he is president,, didnt hurt him much,, and that is the whole point,, as a doc,, Iwould much rather see someone that uses marijuana than alcohol,, I have never seen a patient in the ER that was in trouble for fighting, car wrecks, disturbing the peace or any violence from smokin pot,, now for alcohol, that is a different story,, alcohol pickles the brain and destroys families,, let the pot smokers out of jail,, that is just plain idiotic,, the worst thing that would come from a society that can smoke pot is a rise in population or increase in food consumption,, but then again,, people will gain weight and some moron will bit*ch about that,, when does this bullshiet stop,, Iknow, term limits,,

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