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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Apr 10, 2013 7:13 PM Flag

    O/T- Shorting The Market


    There is alot of chatter out there that the market is fixin to fall,, that QE is starting to peter out and the out look for a growing economy is dim at the most,, I'm holding onto ACTC but dumping big caps,, anyone else got this "paranoid" feeling that shiet is about to get ugly,, anyone else dumping stock and considering to short the market,, are you shorting single stocks or something like the S&P,,
    Just curious about other thoughts,, WOW, stock market talk,,

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    • You know, they have been saying same for months if not years and the stock market has improved meanwhile...

      I owned FAS, which I sold couple year ago, and it now up by about 300%,..
      While TVIX, which I bought to hedge against the dog days, has in the same time period dropped from about $100/share to about $2box???

      Predictions are just that ... and if you are lucky... the ride will be in your favour...

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    • Sell evrything now! Get out while you can! LOL

    • Agreed. I'm glad Benny printed up so much cash to give to the TBTF banks so they can short each other and the market to death now. Unreal. But yeah, holding my long term spec picks no matter what.

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      • "QE starting to peter out" ....not.....dude the low jobs report from fed made them make a statement that they would continue for now ........when they do it will be tapered .....there will be nothing dramatic....are we do for a correction ....of course but hardly a crash...regardless of your politics can not let political talk guide your investments ......common sense must prevail .....we are in a slow growth period whether you admit it or not . And interest rates make it so that people can not put there money in CD's and the like so the the Stock market is where it goes.....the sheep now seeing the records are actually thinking about getting in now. That being said my buddy is shorting S & P with an ETF but he manages a bunch of money so only looking for 5 or 10%