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  • geebeekay175 geebeekay175 Apr 17, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    questions for you ACTC pros: PART 1

    I bought a bunch of ACTC recently at .07 I am wondering:

    1) UPLISTING: Has GR ever really explained why they didn't proceed with the rs and uplisting? He says market timing etc. what is he talking about? what factors? I have never heard of that type of delay after shareholder approval. NASDAQ listing would mean the company would be under greater scrutiny. maybe they are avoiding that.

    2) NOT SHARING DATA: He alluded he didn't want to share data with potential partners at this time. I don't buy that. They always sign CDAs and it outs anyone who sees the data in an inferior position later if they ever work on similar areas as it becomes tough to prove they didn't get idea from ACTC. there is no downside to ACTC to have them sign a CDA and look at the data. its an advantage if you can get a big company to be willing to do that and put themselves in a position where they forever more would have to admit to seeing your confidential data and not disclose or use it. Makes me suspicious. anyome else worried about this?

    3) INSIDER SELLING: It seems all the insiders are selling. It looks like they just want to keep the machine running: put out tantalizing information (uplisting is coming, trials are running ...) then they give themselves shares as compensation, sell them to the public, delay the promises with excuses, repeat. They get great salaries and keep going. Thoughts?

    4) GR AND GAMBLING: GR is a gambler and a poker player. This is not something that impresses me even if he wins some tournaments. gambling is not something I look at as being a positive to someone's character. Sometimes gamblers overdo it too and get into serious debt and then along comes unethical behavior to pay that debt. I'm not saying GR has this problem, I simply don't know. However, I would prefer the CEO to not be a gambler. All those fancy chandeliers in casinos are not paid for by WINNERS. anyone have information on GR's gambling and the extent of it?

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    • 1 - Gary blamed shareholder negativity for RS not happening
      2 - Gary never shares, wasn't brought up that way
      3 - Gary's the only insider selling such large amounts of company stock
      4 - It appears that gambling may be the least of his problems, if it's true that his wife is out to nail him big time