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  • jc4actc jc4actc Apr 27, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Good afternoon all..just reading.....

    All the imformation i can get hands on to educate myself. Looked up myopia on google, had no idea what that was or what type of eye problem/disease or how it affected your vision. Interesting stuff! Trying to figure out the possible time lines when this stock will show some postive on these trials and what is come with the trails and what this company has in the pipeline. Hmmm! This is going to be fun to watch this all unfold. Yes I said fun! All goes well it will be history in the making. Wow! Good stuff! Taking a gamble investing on it or int it! Guess why that is why we are all here, even the negative posters. Something good is coming. I just feel it! Good luck to all.

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    • "Wow! Good stuff! Taking a gamble investing on it or int it!"

      Jc, thats hitting it on the head for this stock, because everythings a gamble to some extent in the stock market. And it looks like you've jumped in at a good time, because sometime this Fall we should be hearing some good news from ACT.

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      • Good morning keep,
        I have invested in this stock for 3 years or close to it. Just recently i have committed to go full throttle and invest want i have. I believe in the science as well as Dr. lanza. It is a good time now to get in now even if it goes to 5 cents. If i had a crystal ball then i would buy low sell high. But i am committed to hold this for stock for the long haul. Sounds crazy but this should be a lot of fun to watch it all unfold. To have money riding on it brings it to it a different level.
        I see that you are not a big fan of the CEO? I can not comment on any of his efforts or dealings since i have no experience running 1) a company 2) a type of medicine/therapy that the world has yet really seen and is for or against. So much on his plate and maybe he is a bit over whelmed but you have to trust the BOD as well as Dr. Lanza to help and guide to the next phase, which i believe they are doing. Just my opinion! The positive that i did read is that he is trying to clean up the finance mess that was done to keep the company afloat. Settlements and good portion of the lawsuits. Trying to stay positive and let the stem cells do the talking. Thanks for your response and i look forward to each day to see what this company ACTC accomplishes.

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    • Hi there Gary

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      • Gary? Ahhhh no! I am not Gary. I am recently new to the board and just sharing some of my thoughts with a few. I know there is this short/long basher/pro non sense that goes on. I want no part of it. Just some good banter on the subject and some possible scenarios. I have been long on ACTC for about 3 years and periodically read the MB to hopefully get a few opinions and direction on where to find some information. Like I said before 'It should be fun and interesting to see how this pans out. I am betting big on this one. Rolling the dice! Good luck!

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