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  • keep_investing keep_investing May 1, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    Has anyone contacted Yahoo.... ask them why they still have ACTC's 1 year estimated share price at $2.51? Do they know something, we don't? Naw, they don't know anything, just like us, but our excuse is that we have Gary as CEO, whats Yahoo's?

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    • keep_whining...why don't YOU take a break from you non-stop crying and contact Yahoo yourself!!! For that matter while your on that break contact ACTC yourself and whine to them personally...I'm sure your pal Gary will be glad to dry your tears. Your such a dreamer to think this will be anywhere's near $1 later this year. You'll be lucky to see 10 cents!!! If it's over .15 by years end I'll kiss your #$%$ and won't post about your whining again.