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  • jc4actc jc4actc May 2, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Life changing CURE/THERAPY for the children......

    What a life changer. Just think a child can dream what every they want to be. A Fireman or Police Officer or doctor that requires the use of good eye sight. Professional golfer ,baseball player or any sport that requires good vision. A fighter pilot, astronaut, or simply a bird watcher.. What a life changing moment it will be when (praying and hoping) ACTC announces it will be granted orphan status in Europe. So many children who dream will have that opportunity to have that dream come true. Parents knowing that the obstacle of becoming blind later in life will no longer exist. How good will that feel. If you are parent then you know what I am talking about. Our day will come! Keep the positive posts coming. The negative posters will get the picture. If it solely entertainment to post negative thoughts here, then pray for them. God bless!!!!!!

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    • #$%$............And keep dream'in

    • If that actualy happens ..good..But with a billion shares on a under 7 cents stock trading on the over the counter board...its more like wishfull thinking...could happen..but not likely with actc..Other larger bios have more resources and a better track record of finances to make that dream a reality...realistic thinking is not neg ..

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      • Hey Buddy! (Kens_sy)
        "If That actually happens good"' Really ?! Just Good?! LOL! Seriously? Good? How about Awesome?! To this point of where they are in the trails and moving to cohort 2a!! No safety issues! Wishful thinking? Maybe? So was walking on the moon! I bet you said years ago that they would never get this far. Hmm! Your funny! You cover yourself by saying "could happen. but not likely with actc." They admitted they(GARY RABIN) can not do this alone in an interview years ago in Italy. We all know Big pharma have bigger and better resources. Let me ask you a questions about track records How many other company's or should I say "other larger bios" are in this deep with stems cells that are actually working on curing children and adults from going blind? I can answer that. Only one!!! ACTC. We all know about the toxic finances. They are still trying to right the ship WE KNOW! WE KNOW! 2.4 billion share outstanding. We know! And so do you!!! Why are you here? The curiosity has got you? Oh yeah! You know what the potential here! You don't own this stock! IT OWNS YOU! Look at how much you post! Wow! You are on the edge of you seat? HUH? LOL! Holy Cow! You spew such negative posts. Nothing positive! But you are still here? HMM! ACTC whether it makes it or not has brought the possibilities of what stem cells can do. Realistically thinking you believe it works. LOL You have a good night. LOL

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