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  • hayflicklim hayflicklim May 7, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    OT question

    Is it a form of descrimination when working people are paying taxes to support welfare recipients that are living better than the people paying the taxes.

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    • Hey hayseed, your soundbyte has been overused, doesn't FAUX have any new material? I don't hear you whining about Wars that your party started that were off the books that we are now all stuck paying for, both in dollars and lives. I doubt that welfare recipients are living better than, say, corporate big wigs who not only get huge tax cuts for their companies, aka corporate welfare, but get big checks at the end of the year even if they tank a company. Oh, and your bud, our governor Christie, who cut benefits and pay for teachers and state workers, just paid for his "Lap Band" surgery with STATE BENEFITS. I guess dieting like everyone else does was too hard, so he took the easy way out and WE THE PEOPLE must pay for his surgery because he never met a hamburger he didn't like. To answer your question, it IS a from of discrimination when the working class have to pay the taxes of corporations, the rich, and tax dodgers like your GOP CON presidential candydate Romney. You poor cons really need some new material, the election is way over, you guys lost using all that welfare sound byte garbage, maybe you should whine more about the rich and corporations who you have to pay for? Not only do you have to pay their taxes, but once they've decided to leave this country to go get cheap labor elsewhere, they leave all these awful buildings which then deteriorate and never get leased out again, only to ruin neighborhood after neighborhood. How come you GOP CONS act so tough, but then whine like big babies who got smacked by a fist full of reality? Just pretend it's the Bush era, where the GOP CON rubber stamp congress went unchecked and you all sneered and grinned like no one could stop you---that is until the country's economy TANKED and reality set in, THANKS GOP CONS !!! GREAT JOB!!!

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      • New Jersey naney I am a registered democrat and I work for a living and it is not a gov job the length of your reply indicates you have way to much time on your hands did the welfare thing hit a sore spot. I just get annoyed when I get behind the obese person with two carts of groceries paying with an EBT card. Obama loves GE they don't pay any taxes because of Obama corporate welfare I am against it. You live in New Jersey and your gov is Christie no wonder your a little testy my condolences.

    • Had to fix spelling for you, but let's try this: Is it a form of discrimination when working people are paying taxes to support welfare recipients (Insert: Corporation Executives) that are living better than the people paying the taxes? Why is Corporate or Industry welfare 2/3 of what individual welfare is? Is that right? Why do we subsidize all these CAPITALIST Corporations by our taxes if capitalism is the holy grail? Why do they need socialism to survive in this capitalist dream? Who is fooling whom?