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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo May 12, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    O/T- Birth Control

    We need to make it all over the world, if not we are going to run out of food,, I forsee that folks are going to necessitate farming in the near future,, and everybody will be packing a gun,, Oh dear, that is an Orwellian future,,

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    • Absolutely C, the people who can least afford to have babies have them without a thought or care in the world of how to take care of them. China is doing it in order to survive, many hate it, but what is best for society at large may not be best for an individual.

    • Doc, most of the industrialized nations have such a low birth rate that they are losing or will be losing native population. These are the nations that can most afford larger populations. However that is not the case in developing countries (a misnomer, because many of these nations aren't developing at all). In these primitive morasses they are breeding like flies and in many they are dying like flies.

      Liberals abhor the thought of promoting mass birth control in the backwater nations. If this subject is brought up the first response the loony left scoundrels give is racism. They will not debate you on substance but they will call you names so the loons won't even address this problem.

      It is the same thing we find on this MB. For them reality is a very uncomfortable issue to face.

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