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  • rwidness rwidness May 16, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    On Lanza's Slip

    He's been around long enough to know when he's releasing information to the press for the first time.
    As chief scientific officer I would say he needs to be reminded of his responsibility to withhold such information until the occasion of its release has the company's stamp of approval. Pretty shabby behavior from the standpoint of anyone who's trying to gain confidence in ACTC's leadership. Lanza needs to rescue himself on this with a statement that gives perspective.

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    • Lanza didn't slip on the Lancet article and this stock flew. So he knows what happens when words from his lips are pearls for gamblers/investors. Whether a slip or not, the report has caused turnover of 60 million shares today--and counting. Investors won't be blamed for taking their 15 percent profits today and waiting for more clear results beyond those of a nameless patient. Gut says take that profit today and wait for more substantive information. This company's erratic history teaches that lesson. Rabin bases his investment strategy with his awarded shares on that same realism. Probably wise to follow his lead. His advantage is that he doesn't have to buy more shares in order to re-charge his investment account. His risks are minimal.

    • You must be one of those who is on here constantly bashing ACT and trying to promote those other lame stem companies. Dr. Lanza is a brilliant scientist. If he choses to speak about the progress of HIS work, more power to him. We don't need to "gain confidence" in him, he's already proven himself. You might want to go somewhere else and promote those other stocks, it's not necessary to come here and malign Dr. Lanza, someone who you obviously know nothing about.

    • Are you kidding? Do you know how difficult it is to monitor EVERY word you say when you are seeing these kinds of breakthroughs? Lighten up on the guy! He's a scientist not an MBA!