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  • jsklein1000 jsklein1000 May 16, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    In all seriousness, this stock can hit $5.00 pps without a r/s

    The news today was huge. Yes, the news was a slip of the lip by Lanza, but, the fact remains that a patient has, ON THE RECORD, seen an unprecedented increase in visual acuity. In fact, a "400" vision is near blind...a "40" vision is acceptable to pass an auto license exam.

    To deny that with a few more confirmed cases of such improvement that this company cannot be valued at 10 billion dollars is naive. There is no reason the stock cannot be valued at 20 billion, or ten dollars per share, especially with the irrational exuberance given to companies like FB, NFLX and others.

    If ACT can , in fact, stop the progression of the disease AND show a dramatic improvement in visual acuity, we will run to the likes of all the promising small cap cancer researchers that provide a glimmer of hope and fly to 100 bucks a share.

    Does gravity take hold? Well, yes...but, not before I cash out my millions.

    I gave up 500 dollars today trying to flip for a few hundred dollars...those days are over. It's buy and hold. We are one or two surprise announcements away from a buck a share. I wanted to flip 100,000 shares and I sold at .0689 on a GTC order expecting the typical trading patterns. I took my shares back at .074...and, I could care less about not waiting for a pullback.

    At this stage of the game and BECAUSE of todays announcement, I do not want to be out of this stock.


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    • It's all good, but the $5.00 number is plucked out of thin air. Any idea about the market size for these conditions? At a 75 cent price the company would be valued around $ 2 billion.

      To me, a 50 cent price seems a reasonable goal.

    • Great post

    • A lot of share price appreciation won't happen until we get up listed to Nasdaq or NYSE.
      Too many institutional investors cannot or will not buy BB stocks period.
      Reverse split to get share price into an acceptable range and up list if possible before the final Phase II data is released.

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      • I am thinking when we hit 20 cents again ($500 million market cap), Gary will apply for the NASDAQ listing with a R/S of 1:10. That will leave a manageable 250 million shares or so for trading liquidity and a price of $2. With partnership announcements and institutional support, they can then announce a secondary of 10 million shares (only 4% dilution) at $3 or $4 and raise enough cash to complete all phases of the trials, apply for EU and then FDA approval, and bring this to market by 2015-16. This will be a quantum leap in medical science and the sky is the limit to treating other diseases through stem cells. Both Rabin and Lanza fully understand the market potential and won't be selling this company prematurely to any big pharma. They want to become the next PFIZER or AMGEN. It will take time but this could be a 100 bagger by the time Obama leaves office.

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    • Anecdotal evidence, at least in the case of dry AMD and SMD, is just as significant as a full data set. Eyes don't just improve to that point on their own with AMD or SMD; a placebo effect can be ruled out.

      The market is undoubtedly enormous and the RPE cells are clearly working! No other treatment even comes remotely close to accomplishing what ACT's cells are doing. Absolutely no safety issues either. Why in the world would eye doctors refuse to treat patients with results like this?! Nobody expects every patient to respond the same way to the injections due to differences in photoreceptor loss. But, we have very tantalizing evidence that someone apparently had rescuable photoreceptors that responded to the injection of ACT's RPE cells. This is unbelievable. It tells us that the target market is justifiably dry AMD and SMD patients of all stages, not just late stage.

      I actually agree with your pps call, although it would be a lot easier to get to that point if we were on the Nasdaq. Who knows though, maybe OTC sceptics will make an exception to this one. We aren't too far off from the Phase II trials. I have seen future revenues figured into market caps for companies that have merely finished Phase II trials. It certainly won't take long for ACT to appreciate in price.

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      • Exactly! There is no placebo effect or plain luck when it comes to regaining your eyesight from severe AMD or Stargardt's. . It is either divine intervention or the RPE therapy plain works. I would like to believe in both but the fact that the sample size is one is a moot point here. Besides, they had given other positive anecdotes earlier as well. Sure, it was not revealed in the best way possible but they have filed a SEC document stating the same (since the cat is now out of the bag). It is official. However, ACTC investors are probably the only ones who found out yesterday. Wait till it leaks outside the inner circle by word of mouth first and then the media. It will make the Viagra hype look like a whisper at a cocktail party.

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    • Fat chance can this stock hit $5:00...not without r/s, and or revenue, and without a buyback of its behemoth OS.

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      • Its best to go by market cap. the number of shares the market cap is CURRENTLY sliced into don't matter. The share price will ultimately depend on their net income. without net income the share price is simply speculation on whether they will ever have net income.

        If they end up getting net income on one of these approvals the price will skyrocket. it will skyrocket when the results indicate net income is likely. afterwards its too late buy and you have to reset and speculate on future growth beyond that.

    • Finally someone with a serious post. Thank you, your post is 100% correct IMO. No other Company has achieved this success NO COMPANY. We have all asked when ACTC may get a partner, we have all asked are they going to have enough money to continue. I really do not see any problem now with this Unbelievable World Breaking News. There are going to be many looking to get on board with ACTC. Look at the Big Pharms and what they invest in terms of Money every year, and lets face it not all of there investments with new drugs, new technology work out and they lose Million's of dollars. Here they have a Company ACTC who has had some patients who were legally blind, and now can thread a needle, etc, and now they have taken a patient with 20/400 vision and have given that patient 20/40 vision. My Opinion Only but WOW. I am not selling one share.

      Always do as you Feel,
      Not what you Hear.

      Happy investing to all Seller's and all Buyer's

    • Many forget this was an expected result based on the animal models. We had improvement in sight from the early patients and now that we are treating less severe cases the results will only be more shocking. I bet we will see $2 if all 2A patients recover their vision. If we kick off the blood trail this year we can see $5. Its either blood or its not.... This can be determined with a microscope. All that needs to be proven is that it does what blood does naturally once in the body... Pretty straight forward and easily monitored..... I dont think these guys will be "ACTC" by years end.