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  • keep_investing keep_investing May 17, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    It's going on 5 months since Gary updated his blog on the ACT website

    How many months of noncommuication with the shareholders does it take to offically call him a lame duck? I mean, if can't even do this minimal task at least once a month, how in the world is he getting anything else done? So long, farewell, alveterzane, adios, goodbye......Gary.

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    • Keep, now he would look silly updating it and saying trials are going well, when Mr Loose Lips is letting the cows out of the barn. He can't say cheit until the FDA says so. What Lanza did is going to cost us! I dealt with the FDA for 25 years, even had their local office in my building. They are brutal if you sneeze the wrong way, trust me. GR is following the rules & so far hospitals & patients are following the rules. No one is letting their ego get in the way of the FDA.

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      • Lars, you wrong about this, because Dr. Lanza did nothing wrong, as the FDA already had the info about the patient before he annouced it, but instead it's Gary and his Form 4 fiasco thats in trouble. I believe the reason Gary has been quiet as a church mouse is that he's under scuntiny by the BOD and SEC for his Form 4 miscues. Check insider trading over these past two years, and you'll see how much this has been selling, and thats why he can't say anything about how well everythings going, because it would a pumping and dumping violation. So essentially this makes him a lame duck as far as running the company and improving shareholder value. Time for him to go!

    • What the F do you call quarterly earnings calls, annual meetings, press releases, conference presentations etc!? The blog is his informal way of communicating - he can choose to do it whenever or never. What are you looking for him to say that hasn't been covered? Do you really think he's going to break BIG news in an blog? Wake up, grow up and Keep up, already.