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  • godfreydaniel36 godfreydaniel36 May 18, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

    In comparison to Caldwell, Gary is...

    Doing great! I got in at 0.14, hours, maybe it was minutes before the market closed on a Wednesday, in December, 2010. After market closed, they posted that Caldwell died, the day before! I figured the stock would tank, so I tried selling at somewhere around my entry, but the stock kept dropping faster than I could re-enter a sell. Finally sold at a much bigger loss. What happened next? I sold at L.O.D., and then it closes higher than the day I bought, the day before! Seems to me, a lot of others thought Caldwell was doing a rather poor job and later I found out about the financial problems Gary had to deal with! I believe Gary is doing the best he can, given the circumstances and we all must be patient. Had I known (my fault) how loooong this process would take, I would have never have bought in. BUT, Thursday, I added 21,000 + 20,000 + 30,000 shares to my, already way overloaded position. As long as I don't NEED the money, I'll grant them some more time. But, at 77+, I may run out of time! GLA, hang on, unless you can do much better, elsewhere. I am also in STEM, NBS, EVSI, CTSO, AUMN and some others, but stupidly sold CUR at 1.14, weeks ago and missed a re-entry by a penny, or two, when I tried for another drop in price, big mistake! I might still try CUR.

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    • Godfrey, I agree that Gary is doing the best he can to move the company forward. I also added to an already bulging position on Wednesday, buying another 200K @ .065 before it dropped to .062??? Hopefully we will run out of buying opportunities soon. As for CUR I had a bid in at 1.06, which it briefly touched and I didn't get filled. Sometimes you have to for over the extra penny and not worry about it!

    • Are you a comedian or just ill informed??
      Caldwell was outstanding and ACTC was so blessed to have him or this company would have disappeared long ago. The stock went up because the FDA approval for the clinical trials came out right after Caldwells' death. Caldwell got the FDA approval, formed the clinical trials that are ongoing to day and closed the deal on the non-toxic funding right prior to his death. The papers were on his desk the day he passed away, He was a regular spokesman for the company on Bloomberg radio and TV and appeared on CNBC. He carried many TV and radio interviews while running the company on a shoestring wearing approximately 5 top management positions for ACTC. He was brilliant and to have that calibre of a leader running a small biotech company and putting it on the map by choosing to focus on the "low hanging fruit" - the RPE program, was a small part of his genius!
      Caldwell was a great strategist and a fabulous leader who exposed the company and its' science in may media venues to get the word out on what this "little company" was doing. This "little company" known as ACTC was going to revolutionize medical treatments for all retinal diseases, manufacture blood for the battlefield men and women who protect this country, stem cell cardiac program and yes even the platelets was done under Caldwells' watch.
      He worked so tirelessly and without ever stopping because his eye never left the"ball". His goal was to get the FDA approval and the clinical trials in place to place ACT on the Historical Map of being the first company to bring forward a cure for Macular Degeneration and he did achieve that goal and all the other scientific priorities that he and Dr Lanza laid out for the future!!
      News broke on Bill Caldwell's achievements after his passing but he at least lived to get the FDA approval for the RPE program and the clinical trials formed with the necessary non toxic funding.
      I can't imagine where this comoany would be had he lived!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Thank you for this info, I didn't know much about the company when I took a chance on it. I just know the stock dropped about 15-20 % the next day and then reversed and closed higher. Seemed to me that some were glad he was no longer at the helm. I am Not a comedian, but I am usually ill informed, plus I have made more than my share of stupid mistakes. I am down from 475, 750 shares at .10 to 290,000 shares at .0774. average. Since you seem better informed, what do you suggest I do, sell AUMN? I have only $4,000 in cash left unused in my account. I'd appreciate your input. Thank you.