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  • joes765 joes765 May 19, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

    connect the dots folks...looking good!

    I re-listened to parts of the conference call after this week's news confirmation of 20/400 to 20/40 improvement in acuity. Cast in this new light, it makes a great deal of sense that ACTC is getting the green light go-ahead for dose escalation and quick advancement to 2a trials. To me, this implies that significant improvements in vision likely are occurring in other patients as well not just the one Dr Lanza spoke of.

    Think about it: Why would such a well-known and highly -reputed scientist such as Dr Langer, with prior career at FDA, allow himself to be associated on the Board of a 7 cent penny stock unless the science was special? Also, there are many eye facilities in this how does a 7cent penny stock convince the upper echelon ophthalmic institutes like WIlls, Mass E&E, UCLA Jules Stein, etc to lend their names and expertise to these trials. Why would Dr Schwartz attempt to start branching out with a myopia trial?

    Why is GR going to have a big pow-wow meeting with all the eye docs involved in October?
    Connect all the dots. I think this is all important both for patients and investors. fingers crossed!

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