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  • keep_investing keep_investing May 19, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    It's truely amazing

    That ACT reported historic news of a patients visual acuity improving from 20/400 to 20/40, after one injection, yet nothing on the national news about this. What in hell is going on here? Is Gary awake?

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    • You're talking about 3 large media conglomerates, made owned by and made possible by the RepubliCONS. This is why we heard "Romney and Obama are in a dead heat" and "we haven't been attacked since 911" instead of "Obama won re-election in a record landslide" and "impeachment hearings are being discussed because of Bush's lack of response to the 911 warnings". The same media who STILL hasn't made the point that ACT's embryonic stem cell development does not kill fetus'. The same media who are predominantly GOP owned and managed are the same people who gave,under Bush, a prescription drug give-away to Medicare recipients costing taxpayers billions and benefitting the GOP owned big pharma companies. No one is threatened more by the development of possible cures than drug companies who can count on doling billions in drugs month after month courtesy the U.S. government and American taxpayers. So when you have GOP owned big pharma and GOP owned media conglomerates, you can bet you won't hear about this potentially life changing cure. How much did you hear about embryonic stem cells and how they were demonized during the Bush years, not only demonized but laws enacted by the GOP to STOP their development? So even though they don't control the White House etc, they control the megaphones that report news as well as the companies that are totally threatened by the developments of cures. Just one more example of the GOP media ownership and what it does to skew real news: During the lead up to the Iraq invasion, there were thousands of protests all over the world, several of them had millions of protestors attending. Those events were a minor blip on the news, barely covered. BUT, when a few hundred staged crazies with signs, the Tea Bags, gathered in just well staged and rehearsed events, it made lead story on all the news programs and took up big dollar air time. This story will get out from behind the wizard's façade as the news itself pulls back the curtain

    • I believe GR is doing a great job under the circumstances. In the conference call, I believe he used the words tantalizing results, but he is bound by the rules of the clinical trials not to more specific with quantitative results. Now that we have a glimpse of quantitative data which is an excellent bombshell with visual acuity from 20/400 to 20/40 , I know why he used the words tantalizing. GR is in a tight spot because he wants to let the world know he's got a gem yet he is not allowed too.

      Therefore, once the cat was out of the bag with Lanza's slip to Reuters, the best honorable thing to do was just acknowledge it and confirm its accuracy. He really can't sound any trumpets at this time on behalf of the company. I believe that now is the time when Ray from Seeking Alpha ought to be tapping away on his Smith Corona and put out an new article trumpeting this great news (since ACTC simply cannot), according the the rules. I also believe that somebody not directly within ACT (maybe the PR firm that disseminated the news on the prior Lancet article to mainstream media) should alert mainstream media again now.

      Best regards to all. Dr Joe

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    • keep: I totally agree with you!!!!!

      This news is earth shaking and it appears to have fizzled. Why?

      Inquiring minds want to know.