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  • overseaer1 overseaer1 May 20, 2013 3:49 AM Flag

    Example of reverse split that worked for Nasdeq listing

    ORMP was at $0.7 and did a 12:1 reverse to list and it's holding. They just received FDA fast track....sound familar?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • 12:1 would be a lot more palatable than 80:1. Sign me up.

    • Yeah, but ORMP wasn't as dangerously diluted as ACTC.

      That being said, ORMP have results that backup their science. ACTC on the other hand, although with a compelling science and a treasure trove of IP, can't seem to tell the story of their science, coupled with a bad management team that is led by a hedgy. So whose interest do you think the hedgy leader is looking out for?......ya guessed it

      The come away here is, Gary Hedge is more interested in selling shares to hedge buddies and subsequently the company for a song on the front end. The plan down the line is takeover the company on the back end with his hedge buddies as the science matures. Lanza may be up to something, by throwing us a bone, albeit meatless. But it is still a juicy bone...the "tantalizing" juice on the bone, was compliments of Gary Hedge...bwahahahaha