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  • muzzzlim muzzzlim May 20, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    How Are the Lib Robots Today?

    it was all Bush's fault
    there is no scandal
    Benghazi? no problem..
    IRS? no problem....
    AP spying? no problem....
    Obama had nothing to do with it
    it was low level employees
    move on people - nothing to see here.....
    right stupid anti-American libs?

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    • look at every reply by the lib idiots - they are pricelessly clueless, right Elk?
      or perna the clueless lib
      or Blue, Keep and any other Obama groupie out here.....

    • I am a lib robot
      I say whatever the White House tells me to say
      I think whatever they tell me to think
      I am a USEFUL IDIOT for the destruction of America....

      right stupid robots?

    • Obama is a despicable human being - a complete embarrassment to our great country - and his "supporters" are just as lame and clueless.....

    • Chiildren shot dead in Newtown, but for the GOP it's all about Benghazi and not gun legislation that they all walked away from. Bombing at the Boston Marathon, but for the GOP CONS it's all about Benghazi. Reality kicked in, there is no scandal, but for the GOP CONS it's all about Benghazi. 4 dead and because someone didn't use the word "terrorist" attack, the GOP CONS will see to it that Hillary Clinton will not become president. 3000+ killed on our shores after George Bush ignored the warning given to him one month prior to 911, GEORGE BUSH IS A HERO !!!! Poor GOP CONS, they're trying so desperately to put up all the smoke and mirrors in another feeble attempt to hide the fact that their losing party is in big trouble with the American people. They haven't learned that holding onto failed policies and lying all the time simply don't work. WE THE PEOPLE voted and you LOST, just face it muzzz, YOU LOST. I guess that was Obama's fault???? YEAH IT SURE AS HELL WAS !!!!! LOL LOL LOL. Poor baby, change your diaper and stop crying, go help your party do something constructive, no wait, you'd be a tremendous liability to the Republican party, you need to just stay where you are and shoot things. LOL LOL LOL Boo hoo hoo my name is muzzzz and I'm a big loser in a loser's hoo hoo...

    • which Obama lie shall we discuss today libs?

      stupid is as stupid does - right Elk, Blue, njdanny, keep and the fat perna freak.......?
      all stupid, uneducated libs #$%$ Obama's pinga.......

    • would you say that anyone who doesn't agree with you is anti-american?

    • keep bringing it libs - I can mess with your puny little brains all day .....

      how's the economy going?
      how's unemployment?
      how's the IRS treating the tax payers?
      how's your Obama for honesty?

      you people are so frikken stupid - Obama is using you - he neeeeeeeds you.... to be just as stupid as you are.....:)

    • look at the lib replies - I love how they prove my point each and every day...

      how's your Muslim liar Obama doing?

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      • Muslim liar? You just proved your own point. That your party is full of losers and WE THE PEOPLE in a landslide voted AGAINST you. Don't cry big guy. You'll be ok. They have meds for people with excessive anger like you. Give it a try, it might help you face the truth in life-that you are mad at everyone because your life has turned out to be a big failure and you need to blame someone other than yourself. It's sort of a common thing to do, many in your party do it but it's usually the low life white trashy type who scream the loudest because they've been fed like baby robins from Faux and believe every word. ROTFLMAO !!!! puke

    • The Liberal Robots are mitigating their scandals flawlessly today. I would not be surprised if they spin their way out of this just like they have spun their way through the last 5 years. sad but true

    • how are the lib USEFUL IDIOTS today?
      as stupid as ever?

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