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  • slobbermutt slobbermutt May 20, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    Dead Money till the RS is Accomplished....Just do it Already

    Multiple amazing responders will be in many near-miraculous responses, to alleviate the need for the RS. Of course getting rid of the sneaky CEO might go a heck of a long way to righting this ship as well; on the bright side, there is now a certain floor at .06

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    • Slob, if they wait until this trial is over (early next year) and the stock is @ say .30, I would rather have a 20 to 1 than an 80 to 1?? Since it appears the science works in people to, why not wait it out for 10 months?


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      • With you on the need for patience, but assuming the science is indeed indicating extreme potential for efficacy as it seems to be, there is nothing to be afraid of with a RS....things are as they are, and we need the big inst. money to pour in and rip control from the HFT hedgies which have captured ACTC. Glad to be wrong and see the s/p rise towards your .30 level before the R/S, but soooo much can go all to hell in that timespan....especially on the geo-political arena - I would like to eliminate all impediments as quickly as possible.