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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 May 20, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

    Tea Party bags pretending to be interested in "scoial welfare" tax exempt status.

    501c4, it's the tax exempt status that the mass amount of so called Tea Party groups tried to file under in 2010. The IRS, doing it's job, had to investigate all of these groups trying to avoid paying taxes who were filing under 501c4, an exemption used exclusively and primarily for groups devoted to "social welfare". In 1959 the law was bent by then President Eisenhower without any Congressional approval at which time the word "primarily" was inserted, making the deduction subject to IRS employee discretion. Because of these muddy waters, IRS agents have not been clear about this deduction and many groups who have nothing to do with social welfare are now claiming it, both Democrat and Republican alike. In 2010, there was a huge amount of Tea Party groups who now wanted the American Taxpayer to foot their tax bill so they wouldn't have to pay taxes to carry posters of President Obama looking like Hitler around. They wanted you and I to pay their tax bill, isn't that outrageous??? These are the same people who scream and yell and cry about taxes and the deficit and yet they want US to pay their taxes or run up the deficit. So, the IRS members kept seeing all these applications for "Tea Party" this and "Tea Party" that, far outnumbering applications by other groups. In an effort to save time and cluster these groups together for ease of inspections, they made sure they put "Tea Party" as one way to identify them and group them. Now, all these screaming crybabies who all are so proud to be TEA BAGS are all whining because someone grouped them together in order to inspect their qualifications for TAX EXEMPT (NON PAYING) STATUS. Where's the pride now? Why do you Tea Bags feel WE THE PEOPLE should pay your tax bill. If you want to go out and bash President Obama, draw ugly tribal pictures of he and his exceptionally educated wife, that's you right. Thinking the rest of us should subsidize your hate is NOT your right. PAY YOUR OWN TAXES GOP CONS.

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    • So you think that it is OK to discriminate against certain groups of people because of a label and if you were paying attention it is not just the IRS it also involved the ATF FBI DOL DOJ and the Treasury any American who doesn't get a Queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach over this is clueless. Oh it would be impossible to coordinate all these agencies if it did not go all the way to the top

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      • Hay, thats exactly what they believe. They condemn discrimination because of race: (except for whites) sex (unless its men) religion and sexual orientation - except these two sometimes result in a conflict. Age (until of course they are in a protected class) Disability (so long as nothing interferes with their enjoyment of life) But NONE of those apply if the aggrived party is on the right.

    • Nice and silly rant NJ. But some how these confused folks found a way to approve Michael Moore's Move On and Media Works. - despicably lefties. In the broadest sense I don't disagree with you on the substance, but it is pretty clear that right wing groups were generally singled out for exclusion and while you might want a try to argue that they were still only doing their job that falls a part when you consider that they were asking for donor lists and names of staff - that doesn't help with the fundamental question about mission, that you pretend to be so interested in and is clear intimidation. Plus, when these decisions are put off for months, you can argue that it was intend to stop the flow of money and stifle debate during the election.

    • No one or no organization should be tax exempt. Not religious organizations, nobody. If you only help your fellow man because of a tax break you are really just stealing taxpayer money.