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    OT: Sylvia Browne Predicts Mitt Romney Win in 2016

    May. 20, 2013, The Daily Currant

    Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne has predicted Mitt Romney will bounce back from his 2012 presidential loss and win in 2016.

    Romney will defeat Secretary of State John Kerry, who will become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee after top contender Hillary Clinton retires from politics, Browne said.

    Browne made her bold election predictions during an appearance today on HLN’s Morning Express, where she was doing damage control after facing controversy over her many failed predictions.

    Browne recently has come under fire for her 2004 prediction in which she told the mother of Cleveland, Ohio, kidnapping victim Amanda Berry that Berry was dead. Berry, however, was still alive and among the victims rescued two weeks ago from the basement of kidnapper Ariel Castro.

    “In more than 50 years as a spiritual psychic and guide, I have been more right than wrong,” the 76-year-old Browne told host Robin Meade when asked about the case. “I am very glad to have been wrong about Amanda Berry. I thank God with all my heart that she is safe and alive.

    “But lately I have been getting strong visions from the spirit world regarding the future of this country and of the 2016 presidential election.

    “These are the strongest visions I have experienced in all my life as a psychic, and those visions are pointing to a presidential victory for Mitt Romney.”

    A new man in 2016

    The Republicans will have few good options for 2016, Browne said. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will have a heart attack before the primary and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky will be caught in a sex scandal, she said.

    Romney, who has kept a low profile since his 2012 loss to President Barack Obama, will emerge as "a completely different man" with a major campaign and win the presidency, gaining anywhere from 55 to 62 percent of the vote, she said.

    “This time, his message will resonate with American voters," she said. "They will see Romney as a successful man with a vision who can fight the takers, who will work across the aisle as a bipartisan, and who can bring prosperity back to this country.”

    With his vice presidential nominee, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Romney will carry the South and most of the Midwest while picking up some unexpected blue states such as Oregon, Washington, New Mexico and Michigan.

    Hillary Clinton, long the leading contender among Democrats to be the next nominee, will decide to retire from politics, Browne claimed. Obama will accept a teaching job at Harvard University and will not play a major role in the election, she added.

    John Kerry, a failed presidential candidate in 2004, would defeat Vice President Joe Biden and Newark Mayor Cory Booker for the Democratic nomination, Browne said.

    Morning Express host Robin Meade, however, did not seem convinced.

    “But in 2000, you claimed that Bill Bradbury would become president, yet that did not happen,” Meade said. “As we all know, the winner was George W. Bush. You don't exactly have a great record for making these psychic predictions.”

    “Only God is right all the time,” Browne responded. “I'm just right 85 to 90 percent of the time. But I can promise you and all my critics that I will be vindicated when Mitt Romney becomes our next president. I’m confident in my psychic abilities.”

    Spokespeople for Romney, Kerry, Clinton, Graham, Paul and Christie did not respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment.

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