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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere May 21, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

    Where Is The Out Cry From The Left

    Penny Pritzker, is part of the family that owns Hyatt Hotels and is the Obama administrations nominee for Commerce Secretary. She was a key fund raiser for Obama - I'm sure that has nothing to do with the nomination though. She is a billionaire a few times over. She is on the board of Hyatt which is being sued by a workers union for unsafe working conditions. And most curiously she has a number of off shore accounts - one in the Bahamas generated $53,000,000 in income for her last year - far more then Mitt Romney made in over seas accounts - and 20% of his ENTIRE net worth.

    I'm waiting for the out cry from the Libbies on this board - How could Obama nominate someone to his cabinet who is Mitt Romney on steroids. NJ, Keep, Blue, Elk etc, you guys blasted Romney for having off shore accounts and tax evasion - surely you can't be in favor of this nomination. Key the crickets.

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    • this is a classic thread HIGHLIGHTING the stupidity of the lib Obama groupies.....

    • God, there's nothing worse than seeing the GOP CON bullies whining now. Ever since the election, the big bullies who claimed Romney and Obama were neck and neck, simply have not been able to accept defeat. They spend years controlling both houses while Clinton was in office, bullying him. Then they had almost the entire 8 years of Bush where they rubber stamped every do-dad dumazzzsss bill that came down the pike-spending and spending and deregulating and bullying everyone until of course, the guano hit the fan at the end of Bush's term. So after years of failure and policies that came to fruition and proved their failure, they now want America to do it again. All these bullies are now big old babies, whining and crying, everything seems to be a big problem for them. President Obama likes brown toast, OH NO, that's an issue for the GOP CONS!!! He should like WHITE toast, even if there isn't such a thing. What's wrong with white toast? CONS say we need an investigation. Meanwhile, the toaster bursts into flames because it was made at a cheap GOP CON owned factory overseas, but CONS say we need to investigate President Obama's toast preferences. What a big bunch of babies. But everyone knows how bullies are. It's like that ugly little dog that chases you home after school until one day you stand your ground and it stops dead in it's tracks and turns around and runs away. STOP ALL THE CRYING CONS, just recall the rubber stamp BUSH days and remember how much the country suffered after that.

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      • NJ, you lead the pack in hypocrisy on this issue and like the rest of the weak and meek on your side all you can try and do is dodge and put up smoke screens. No one is whining over the election, no one is thinking about Bush. This topic doesn't even have one thing to do about the Obama presidency. What it is about is the sniveling losers like you that don't have the convictions of your own big mouths. So continue with the silly rants but anyone who knows what you've said in the past also knows how shallow you and your ilk are. It was so predictable

    • Doth protest too much. When your man Romney was propped up by you and your CON party, it was all OK by all of you. Now all of a sudden it's a problem? You've already trumped your current complaints by your lack of complaints back then. Sorry, wipe away the tears and man up, as your girl Palin always says. You'll really have something to cry about when your GOP CON party instantly and immediately approves funding for the tornado victims in Oklahoma when your same CON party let Sandy victims suffer for 2 months before they'd make a move at all. Friday your party will once again prove what total hypocrites they are, then you can start crying again as it will be unavoidable. The tornado victims need this help, but so did Sandy victims and your party just let them suffer and stress over it for months. You can start whining about it again when your party losers because all of this is so painfully obvious to WE THE PEOPLE.

    • ACTC has the ability to make a blind man see and you idiots still want to talk about libs and cons?!!!
      Too bad dueling is no longer allowed, would be good to see you lefties and righties thinned out!

    • outcry?
      are you kidding?
      the libs are disgusting hypocrites.....

      just look at their responses.....

    • Re: "...I'm waiting for the out cry from the Libbies on this board - How could Obama nominate someone to his cabinet who is Mitt Romney on steroids. ..."

      The fact is, nobeach and dickw, that if you RWNJs were not on such a paranoid delusional spree for quite awhile now you would have realized there is not that much difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney (you might even throw in George W. here). The campaign blurred that to some extent because Mitt Romney wasn't even allowed to be the real Mitt Romney, he had to be an exaggerated RWNJ version of himself. And the pressure to be that ludicrous caricature of himself may have been the major factor in his loss of the election.

      As it is, the continuing RWNJ delusional echo chamber of ideological idiocy actually, for the most part, has made Obama look a lot better to mainstream Dems than he really is. As for you guys, why are you unhappy and complaining that Obama is a lot more like Romney than you thought?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Elk, a slightly better effort then most, but still a very ineffectual dodge. I don't disagree with anything you said - Romney lost the general election when he did what he needed to to win the primary - I argued all along that Romney would govern very different then he ran. That requirement is one of my current peeves with the Rep party.

        But none of that is the issue. Its the double standard and blatant hypocrisy from so many on the left that questioned Romney's patriotism and called him a criminal over this very issue. I understand exactly how Obama could nominate a Romneyesk cabinet member as apparently do you, but how about the rest of the left? With all of the issues no feelings of betrayal or bait and switch? Obama was supposed to be so much different and better.

        And now its the silence of the Libs.

        It really exposes the weak character and lack of an intellectual foundation from the left. So you site "ideological idiocy" on the right. What should we call the left that appears to have no ideological conviction?

    • Beach, good post. Thanks for calling these guys out, Now let's see who among them has the honesty and sincerity to apply the same standard to Pritzker as they did to Romney. Here's betting you will only see silence from them showing how phony their accusations were and a double standard when applied to their ownl

    • Theres, quit being a buffoon, she wasn't running fro president, plus she paid her taxes, unlike Mitt. It's pathetic how you right-wing teaparty types have to fabricate all these injustices, and it's just to hide your bigoted racist hatred of Obama. So please stay on topic regarding ACTC, because you sound like a nutjob when you don't.

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      • Keep, your reply only shows how shallow your beliefs ate and dishonest to the subject at hand. It is time for you to stop hiding behind race and bigotry accusations and step up to a mindset of fair and balanced views.

      • Keep, on display once again is the depth of your hypocrisy and bold face lying. So using your particular brand of logic, its fine for someone to use off shore accounts UNLESS they are running for president - Can you be that ignorant? No that can't be it, since John Kerry had off shore accounts and there was never a peep from any Dem about that. Hypocrisy is just too soft a word for what you are.

        As I stated, I have no problem with Prizker or her accounts, so there is no controversy from that perspective. But it is so amusing to watch you spineless fools who lack any conviction to your beliefs try and squirm out of the little cesspool of your own making.

        As for Romney's taxes your continued harping on that is quite like this issue. You can say it as many times as you'd like but that won't make it true - what it does make it is a lie. And by the way, how do you know if or what Pritzker pays in taxes? You have no idea so as usual you're just making it up.

        Finally, I've asked that you show one thing that I've ever written that even hints of bigotry on my part - until you do shut your pathetic yap. Otherwise have a good day.

    • Once again you see the loons changing the subject from offshore accounts and being part of the hated 1% to charity giving. And on the charity giving they like elk and keep pull "facts" out of their a s ses.

      Just do a search on "conservatives give more to charity" and you will find that conservatives give more to charity and volunteer more time to charity. The genius Joe Biden and PT Barnum Gore give hardly anything to charity and they are big heroes of the hypocritical left.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • But how about some comment on the merits? Where are you NJ, Blue, Keep Elk, etc on that? You pummeled Romney on this exact issue. So far the best defense is that her account was set up 50 years ago. Does that cut it with you purists?

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