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  • frauds_z_buster frauds_z_buster May 22, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    IRS Chief that resigned was appointed by GW Bush

    The investigation of RW nutjob groups happened after Supreme Court ruling that allowed such groups.
    The vast majority of these groups were right wing backed by big anonomous money. They profiled these groups the same as you profile at an airport. Do you search baggage of the red haired family with a stroller or 2 young men that look like they are from Pakistan.

    The same thing would have happened under Bush. To pin the on the White Housr is a pathetic attempt to find an Obama scandal.

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    • if you think the government has a right to discriminate against certain Americans, then you should read about what happened in Germany in the 1930s. this type of behavior started with one group then spread. i don't care what political affiliation you belong to the IRS scandal is very scary and dangerous. you may be next.

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      • G.o.p.discriminate against black and hispanic voters
        these bigots continue voter suppression policies !
        blame the victims for what the perpetrators are doing.
        this is called projecting !
        the g.o.p. And their supporters are un american traitors
        csumbags !!!!!!

      • I believe what happened is very dangerous but we don't know the facts yet. Were they profiling the conservative groups simply because the vast majority of the new political groups were conservative and they had the largest amount of money coming in? Or was it a partisan motivation? That's what we need to find out.

        Connecting the White House to this is connecting 2 dots a mile apart. The IRS is not stacked with political appointees. I suspect the political affiliations of IRS employees mirror that of the general population