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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt May 22, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Ignoramus hypocrites, I've asked this question a number of times and have yet to get an answer from you.

    If you hate capitalism so much and the 1%, how come you invest in a capitalism enterprise and want to become part of the 1%?

    It's an honest question so judging by the past you won't be able to give an honest answer. njdanny and keep, two of the biggest haters of capitalism, seem to be invested in capitalism. So how about an answer. However, I doubt you'll give it.

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    • why would you ask a common sense question to a lib?
      it's useless.....

    • The central banks have pumped 7 trillion dollars into the system to fuel market speculation over the last several years. Printing paper like mad. It's a house of cards. The market is up but not due to production expansion but through wage cutting, benefits cuts, pensions cuts, and downsizing. Millions remain unemployed or under employed globally. The DOW isnt exactly lifting all boats. And that's the game in town- how they (banks) back out is almost impossible. 2008 is coming only worse because the central banks will be the crisis itself so no bailout from them. Don't know how much others have invested, but making 20k or 50k or if actc actually goes 5 bucks maybe more but a far cry from the 1%..crowd. We just own a few shares of stock, we really don't own the company on the ground per se. We aren't board members. If some make a few bucks it won't make them capitalists. Some advocate for a third party- I think we need a second party. Maybe I will run for office. The gap between the top 1% even .1% and the rest of us as never been this large even in the 30's. Excuse me , I have to go, I think I hear a drone missle approaching. My tax dollars at work.

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      • 80 percent of the market is manipulated by the top 2 percent....Everyone else works for a living and has been screwed by these same people who have cut benefits, hours and just recently the GOP controlled house voted to end overtime pay-of course it didn't go anywhere, as everything the GOP house has done has gone nowhere. The money the banks pumped into the system was the American Taxpayers money, as the banks gambled during Bush's administration, LOST, and got repaid by the BUSH administration with the taxpayers (aka working class) money. Great job GOP CONS, as usual, now get on that GOP megaphone and demonize the poor.....

    • I have given you your answer several times and you refuse to even acknowledge my answers. I'm sorry you are scared of Truth, but quit lying about a lack of an answer.