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  • formy10kids formy10kids May 26, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    my answer to Bryarenne regarding all these political postings

    You made your point. I was getting ready to post the same thing. My having learned from all the replies you're getting is that it just makes a lot more sense to put those people on ignore. Otherwise you're just inviting people to bash you. These folks are going to just post what they want to anyway. Don't let it get you so upset. You'll just wind up replying to them inkind. Then I will have to put your ignore too. That is not something I want to do because as of right now I still agree with you. I automatically put an ignore anybody who uses gutter talk, who is offensive or is completely off topic. 1 poster noted that there's not going to be real news for least 6 months. While he may be correct it's also true that the market generally looks out 6 to 12 months. (not that people buying this speculitive stock represent the market). It is also worth noting that nobody seems to want to let go of this under 7 cents for fear of getting shut out. I just believe there some accumulating going on here. I do like seeing some of the other stock opportunities like the gentleman that give us cure. I have made money on OPK, ISIS, and OREX. They were all suggestions made on this board, and they were good ones. But even with those, you still have to do your own dd. 90 percent of the ones you see suggested are just garbage, then you have to put those people on ignore too. there's a million different reasons people post that #$%$, but it doesn't matter why, just put them on ignore as well. Good luck and God bless. Lenny.

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    • my answer to you formy? #$%$ !! 10 kids? Thanks for being the %47 who suck all of us dry !!

    • ACTC Yahoo MB is the least informative (on topic) of any that I monitor for the occasional morsel of incite and/or relevant information. So many are on ignore that my opening screen for the MB usually has 3-5 posts followed by a stack of grey'd out "ignored post" all the way to the bottom of the page. I occasionally open some of them to see if they have completed their rant, but most often they are still babbling on as if someone cared about their view of things unrelated to ACTC. I've been lonely before, but never so lonely I had to resort to anonymous message boards to find someone to listen to me. I feel bad for them so I let them rant away in the "ignore-a-sphere".

    • Practically everyone deviates from topic every now and then and the same can be said for gutter talk, so by the time you get done putting all those people on ignore you'll be the only one left. Have fun.

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      • Gold, points taken. I look at your recent posts as well, you actually made my point. Your MDXG comparison was intelligent I checked it and was very interesting. A couple of your nonsensical and whimsical posts were not way out there, or particularly offensive. So far are you a case of take what you can use, and leave the rest, no reason to put you on ignore. but for me to have fun, as you suggest, I have to have boundaries. I believe it we can learn something, from healthy dialog. What I choose to look at is largely depicted by my faithlife, my interest, my time, and my love and compassion for Humanity. There's no reason we cannot respect each other's parameters, and still accomplish what we came here for. See that,now I have gone off topic, lol, but I was really just trying to answer you. have a blessed day and good luck Lenny