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  • easyesteemer easyesteemer May 28, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    First to turn Red, Red, Red

    Everything green this AM but ACTC is getting close. Oh, well maybe my .068 bid will fill. Now back to the regularly scheduled clueless political banter. Wonder if any of those guys own more than 100 shares.

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    • Easy, I am trying to pickup another 5K of ACTC today, hoping that soon this thing takes off, else how I am going to buy that 2014 Subaru Forester? I guess I could buy it with my current cash, but it would be so much more fun paying for it with ACTC profits.

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      • Jc4actc careful about putting retirement money in a penny stock, my friend. Do a gut check if you can honestly say it won't phase you or affect you or your loved ones in any tangible way if you lose it then fine but if it will affect your family then bail. The stock might pop when they dangle the potential uplisting again but hey didn't act on it last time. Going to the Nasdaq will cause them to be under greater regulatory scrutiny and then they can't play shenanigans with the stock. I don't think they will ever do it. The fact that they passed last time with excuses that don't add up referencing timing... It's another red flag.

      • It's PBIO. Look at the price from jan 1 2008 to end of 2008 . Compare dates to the actc 8k sec hiring and bio filing for myles that shows when he was there. If I recall correctly it was at 5 bucks then went to pennies. Myles was CFO and at that company for a few years just before and during some of 2008 then bailed if i recall right ... Press release doesn't say what month he left in 2008 but in any event I don't like it. What kind of shop was he running there? Did he not know the trouble? Then incompetence. Did he participate in its ruin? Still a problem. I'm surprised that is their choice for CFO. They should have had someone who looked like a turn around expert not someone that would raise potential questions.

        All their salaries are quite high for a company of this caliber. There are big pharma execs that don't have this base pay. It looks like they might just keep trying to raise cash and pay themselves salaries. The greedy ones will trade stock too and get in trouble. I exited many positions not just actc though. The market looks too frothy for me. The gains over the last years and even in the first part of this year alone are sufficient for me. It will make for a good years return already. Good luck. I will check the board as I am very interested now that I know this stock better.

      • A Subaru is your dream car? What's that leek 23000. Wow.

      • Going to put in a preorder for Alfa 4C if ACTC hits the $1.00 mark. I'm 60 today so it would be a good birthday present. I'll take it from the Roth and get it in Red, Red, Red in honor of most of my time in this stock.

      • please not a subaru, in massachusetts they call it the official lesbian car..........

      • Keep, seriously a subaru,, what happened to the prius,, why not splurge and get a vette or a nice lexus,, the lexus has the best resale value of any car on the road and they are nice cars,, My wife has had 2 of the rx 350 deals and they are premo,, I am driving her's today as she and my son have my chevy duramax at the beach,, if you want something fast get a lexus IS f sport,, the ultimate sports/luxury car, you can pick one up for about 68k and in three years, it will be worth close to the same that you bought it for,,

        Sentiment: Hold

    • You want political go to BAC board. 98%