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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jun 2, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    O/T- Good Sunday Morning Coffee - Talking Points


    Good morning and peace to all,, having some Gevalia coffee and its a beautiful morning in western WV,,

    ACTC has done a famous pump and little dump,, Monday will tell more, but was the little leak about 20/400-20/40 enough news to get some ground, and will folks hold on in anticipation for formal news,, those of us who have been here for a while (me since08), know how this puppy operates,, someday we can all talk about how we held on to a rocket that changed the world,,

    In regards to the recent news and scandals,, one of the more important ones is the fact that the govt can spy on us, do it in secret and then send the goons to destroy our lives, ie IRS,, has anyone ever had a govt agency up their a:s:s,, well I have and they are very intimidating, ESP the ones with guns,,
    The point is that our freedoms are being impinged upon and it is getting worse and it's being done in secret,, party lines should be thrown out the window in this instance,, we are all effected by this, and guess what, the IRS and Obamacare are really going to be up our a:s;s in the next years,, ther will be no more privacy,, your first bowel movement will be known by the govt and anyone that can hack into the Internet,,
    The congress must get to the bottom of all this stuff or our freedoms are in jeopardy,, the govt is getting wat to powerful,,

    Off to make rounds at the hospital,,
    Tell your family that you love them, life is short,,

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    • Doc, go hide in your bunker where you belong, because nobody is after you, it's your paranoidal bigoted brain thats taken you over. And remember, that you were plenty happy and secure when that idiot GW lied us into war, and ruined the economy, but I guess thats what you wanted, because you voted for him twice, thus making you an idiot, too.

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      • Keep, you are full of shiet,, you don't know who I voted for, and unless you are total dumb shiet, then you best watch over your shoulder,, big brother is watching and has already stepped beyond its bounds,, and W was wrong in starting that dam war,, but BO owns the economy now and he is doing a shiety job because he has no experience, except he is an expert in running a coummunity center,, you would think that is smart as he is that he would know that what he is doing don't work, but he is arrogant and has an agenda to turn us into Europe,,

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    • Craig, this is why I got my "constipation h/p" out in the open before anyone else does, to blackmail me and my "bowel habitus", vente...bwahahahaha

    • I have to wonder how any one can give this post a thumbs down

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      • hay -

        Perhaps there is a bit too much paranoid schizophrenia underlying the comment for those who like to deal with both facts and cause/effect.

        There's also a lack of ownership/taking responsibility for the underlying cause of the circumstances described (assuming the described circumstances are described remotely accurately). (Blaming others usually always deserves a down mark.) Your government is a government of, by, and for the people. While craigsswanndo is but an individual and not all people, he/she can do more in the of, by, for department than complain. To wit: offer one or more solutions of substance.

        I find the comment more venting sour grapes than anything, but entertaining, with neither a thumbs up or down.


      • Well Flick, it could be a personal thing or it could be that some choose to ignore current events and how they effect each and every American or maybe they don't give a shiet,, I;m betting on the later which is bad cause they get to vote,,

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    • Thumbs down for what,, that was a neutral post,,

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    • Graigswanndo, good morning to you as well. West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains country. One day I would like to get there. You are correct Monday will tell a little more. I thought we were watching the beginning of the count down for this rocket(puppy) this past Thursday. I thought someone was in the know and it was just a matter time before some type of news was announced. Still could ring true. This company will change the world in so many different ways. One of course life quality for the people that are slated to go blind in the coming years due to the diseases of AMD/SMD. Those who are just finding out their condition in recent days or months might have the possibility of having this cure on the market before it is too late. What about the financial aspect it will due to the individual? Being to provide for their families in a manner they want too. Not living off the dole (government) and pursuing their dream and goals not hindered by these diseases. Amazing! Not to mention the investor who believed in these company like myself from 2009 and you 2008. I took a hit with Geron, which I am not upset for the mere fact it lead me to ACT. Reading the message board sometime has its benefits. Enough said ! Going to take the kids for a walk on the beach ! The very beach that did severe damage to our home from Hurricane Sandy. I refuse to take money out from ACTC holding to repair anything that we can live without right now. LOL I refuse! Need a roof and loads of electrical work to be done. It opened Pandoras Box. It is safe and I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses. I have healthy children and I will tell them I love them. Thanks. JC Sorry for the rant! Wow

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      • Jc hey as a fellow ACTC holder I'll be glad to help you with your roof if you're anywhere in Illinois or Wisconsin. I own WHY NOT COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS here in Desplaines Illinois. Last Monday morning A local guy called me off this mb some glass work. We talked for an hour about stocks, faith, among other things. I'm looking forward to meeting him. Last place I ever expected to make friend was on a mb lol. I've been holding this for 7 years, picking up a lot more along the way. Good luck Lenny

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      • The ultra wealthy are trying to hide behind IRS rules for Public Welfare Agencies. They want to start numerous political action groups to holler out their point of view. Public Welfare status allows them to start and fund these groups without divulging who they are and how much they have spent. Unless you have $10,000,000 in the bank they are not on your side. They won't be happy till we all live in trailers and the Army is considered a great job. Join their legions if wish. They will march you off the cliff.