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  • krycap64 krycap64 Jun 12, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    Speculation but here it is

    This is total speculation but what if ACTC leaked the 20/40 info so Lincoln Park could unload shares and then ACTC could get some of the committed funding?

    I mean Lincoln Park can buy unlimited shares up to 34.2 million at .08 and sell everything it buys without limits so what is preventing this tacit agreement from actually happening before our eyes? It's almost perfect and plays into the uplisting argument of ACTC because without uplisting ACTC gets zero PE effect like trading. (I know no PE on ACTC) but the NASDAQ rumor mill would send it higher anyway.

    Do your own DD and speculation but above is baseless and just for discussion.

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    • anything is possible, but, I do not think Gr would risk another SEC problem as he approaches the first milestone of the studies. There are no secrets on Wall St. and if this was an orchestrated trading scheme with an intentional 'slip of the lip", we would be sent back to the corner by the SEC, FDA and others.

      Your scenario is possible, but, not probable.

      My theory is that there is a partnership deal done, simply waiting on final draft and signatures. The 20-30 million volume day's were not retail trades. Once time has passed that these trades can't be closely scrutinized, I think we get the announcement. In the meantime,the buyer has told his agent to secure as many shares as possible with a limit of .085. The agent is doing it's job, buying/selling to get the price where it needs to be to complete the buyers order. Contrary to popular belief in the retail trader world, it can take months for a large player to secure a long term position. They do not buy in a lump sum.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Kry, I believe you are on to something, Someone is dumping and now I am about break even!

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