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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Jun 14, 2013 7:15 AM Flag


    The hits just keep on coming. Interesting and typical editorial from Paul Krugman in today's NYT's. Technology has been changing the economic and employment landscape since forever - but Krugman somehow concludes that what is happening today is different and the solution is to provide a guaranteed social safety meet including wages. Progress requires adaptation and new skills. Always will. Otherwise, who is left to provide Krugman's safety net?

    "Education, then, is no longer the answer to rising inequality, if it ever was (which I doubt).

    So what is the answer? If the picture I’ve drawn is at all right, the only way we could have anything resembling a middle-class society — a society in which ordinary citizens have a reasonable assurance of maintaining a decent life as long as they work hard and play by the rules — would be by having a strong social safety net, one that guarantees not just health care but a minimum income, too. And with an ever-rising share of income going to capital rather than labor, that safety net would have to be paid for to an important extent via taxes on profits and/or investment income.

    I can already hear conservatives shouting about the evils of “redistribution.” But what, exactly, would they propose instead?"

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    • Theres, it's surprising to find you reading Paul Krugmans articles in the NYT's, but it's obvious you read him to find fault, rather than learn something new and different.
      Personally, I can take only so much of the current political angst that now runs a muck in this country, so thats why I rarely read or listen to shows which have a political point of view they're pushing. I find that PBS & PBR are the best places to get a fair report on whats happening in the world, they're like like Consumers Report, in that they aren't beholding to special interests groups.