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  • hayflicklim hayflicklim Jun 22, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    OT IRS

    Is the IRS INVOLVED in funding criminal organizations they Sent 23000 tax refund checks to one address in Atlanta with total of over 45 million multiple addresses with a total over 450 million I will bet you that our beloved president didn't know anything about it probably just a single IRS agent out of control

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    • Could American tax payers file a civil suit holding the people responsible personally liable any lawyers out there

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      • hay -

        The odds are long, but evaluate the law you think applies as regards whether private attorney standing is available. If so, you'll either need funding to support the legal staff required, plus fees and costs, or a legal staff willing to work pro bono, though you'll still need funding for fees and costs.

        Your better course of action is to invest your time, energy, and resources to getting your Congress under control, on track, and focused. Your Congress makes 90% plus of your laws (your Courts make the other bits, but only where your Congress hasn't acted). Your President (it doesn't matter whom) enforces those laws. While you might complain how your President enforces, complaining about what your President enforces is to miss the point and mis-direct your energy (though great sport if your againt Mr. Obama for whatever reason).

        You might should read 'Animal Farm'. Systemic conditions rarely change when you simply change the players.