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  • demetergreen demetergreen Jun 27, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    OT PharmaAsia Summit in October

    sent me an email instead of GR.
    this discussion is from the agenda-

    Bridging the Affordability Gap: Improving Market Access To High-Priced Therapeutics
    As China’s middle class hungers for access to high-priced medicines designed to treat severe diseases like cancer, multinationals can’t rely completely on traditional mechanisms like patient assistance programs. One solution: work with local insurers to design supplemental commercial insurance that patients can tap if they need medicines that aren’t listed on the National Drug Reimbursement List. It’s a strategy that’s been highly successful for Roche, which saw its China-based product sales skyrocket 27% in 2012. Alternatively, there’s the opportunity to partner with wealthier provinces to reimburse therapies in high priority diseases, particularly liver, lung, and gastric cancer. In exchange for patient volume, biopharmas would provide provincial governments with significant rebates and patient assistance. This panel highlights innovative experiments designed to bridge China’s affordability gap.

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