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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jun 27, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    O/T- ELK You Need To Apologise


    For your uncalled for comments about my wife and a #$%$,, that was way over the top and if you have any sense at all you will make it right,,

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    This topic is deleted.
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    • libs don't apologize - besides who cares if an idiot lib apologizes - he wouldn't mean it....

      his words are meaningless.....

    • I have been telling all of you not to respond to elk. I believe he has a room temperature IQ and never answers posts in a logical or informed manner. In short, he is an ignoramus, a moron. He is too lazy to look up real facts so he makes up his own in an effort to justify his completely loony, false arguments.

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    • craig, you do have to admit you came close to putting your foot in your mouth when you tried to convince everyone here that there is only one place for the pen*is to go to have some fun:


      Re: "the pen*is was not designed to be inserted into the rec*tum; only the vag*ina,, just saying,, and really, to each his own,, personally, I don't care what a man does with his wiener,, and as far as the ladies, well, it's just sad that they are missing out on the pokin in da whiskers,,..."

      craig, it's great to see someone taking the right moral and, to be sure, evolutionary stand on this ultimately very important creation and procreation issue. BTW, how long ago did you tell your wife to stop giving you blo*w**jobs?

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    • It was about a blo*w**job and my wife which had nothing to do with the post,,

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      • Re: "It was about a blo*w**job and my wife which had nothing to do with the post,, C"

        craig, I think you have lost perspective and totally missed the point. If you look at it again carefully you should be able to see that my response had much less to do with your wife than with your short sighted point of "only the vag*ina" for pen*is fun. Most here, I think, would disagree with you.

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