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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jun 30, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    O/T- Good Sunday Morning Coffee,, Gay's and Lesbian's

    Good Sunday morning to all,, having some Carabello Coffee this morning,, worked all night in the ER and my family is still asleep,,
    ACTC hopefully will get news in July,, the little slip by Lanza about the 20/400 and 20/40 was no slip,, the man is not dumb,, it's all good,, good stuff to come,,

    Every person on this earth has the right to pursue happiness period,, and why should all folks not be able to benefit from their collective work and life together,, it's only right and there is no wrong in love,,
    My youngest sister is a lesbian and I see the pain she has had to endure in her life, especially from narrow minded as*s*holes,, I personally have not always agreed with her, but, I support her and love her,,
    I have known many gay's and lesbians that she has brought home to be with our family and their dream of life, love, and happiness is no different form anyone,, leave politics out of this,, it's life,,

    Going for a boat ride today,, my son will do most of the work,, I'm worn out and I still don't get a weekend off until the end of the month,,
    Tell your family that you love them,, life is short,,

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