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  • pyar_hi_pyar_ha pyar_hi_pyar_ha Jul 10, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    The logic says that Actc is in a quiet period due to the following reasons:

    1.SEC settlement, was an actc priority and now that new cfo Ted Myles has come on aboard as of June 13, 2013 that issue must be about to be resolved.
    2. Partnership with big pharma, quiet period for dd
    3. something bad happened in trials and everything is halted but than why would Dr. Lanza be at Hazy moon Zen center in LA and his tone of voice seems very positive.
    4. Data from cohort 2 A patients that were injected with higher dosage is so incredible that Actc is publishing it in a peer reviewed journal.
    5. Actc board had to fire Gary Rabin due to negative findings of his trading acativity and company is in talks to higher a new ceo or one of the board members to step in as new Ceo .
    6. Trading activity lately bodes well for longs as the volume is very low to the downside and trading range since the blockbuster news of 20/400 to 20/40 has settled around .076 to .0815 and is still 25%+ higher than the low of .06 before the big news leak by Dr. Lanza.
    7.. My logic says that we should hear from Actc within next 2 days since last pr was over a month ago and what ever it is they have to legally disclose it.
    I am holding on to my shares that I bought in 2009 at .03 cents.

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    • nothing is out of realm of possibility for Actc, Actc is like a coiled spring anything can happen at any given moment.

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    • Like I said 20/20 cohort 2 A patients that were injected exactly 3 months ago on April 11, 2013 Bank on it!
      Little Birdie

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    • I have been watching Actc for over 3 years now and in the past there is mostly a news leak and you see level 2 trading accordingly but this time around something is very different the volume is extremely low, Actc management has done a good job on putting the lid on the pending news but in the past 3 weeks I saw 1 million to 2 million shares on the bid accumulating that pushed the pps to over .08 several trading sessions with exception to the last 2 days trading volume is very low but the large bids have disappeared and there is no sense of clear direction either way. I am pleasantly surprised that pps held in around .08 base for over a month of no news where in the past it will settle around .06 range. I was not surprised by the 20/400 to 20/40 news since Dr. Lanza on several occasions have told that human trials will replicate what was seen in the animal models and so far for 2 years everything is going the way the doctor predicted. Actc, trials if they keep on progressing the way the animal models did there will be some filthy rich actc investors when this all comes to fruition. I don't have a whole lot of shares like many here claim, I have only 500,000 shares at .03 and will not sell till the Fda approval.

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    • Hey I'm holding on to my 2009 shares at .05!!! Unfortunately, I'm also holding onto the shares I bought January -March 2010. 749000 @.145 avg.!!!!!

    • Good for you, I should be so fortunate!, Overall, I am down about 43% on about a 40,000 dollar speculation, having sold about half at a loss, last year.

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    • SEC settlement, paying off CAM's, resolution to the A/G court case have to be what Gary is focused on. No point to having PR's till these are done. If Gary is able to put these things to rest without giving away too much more of the value of ACTC then the company can at long last begin to be valued on the basis of the potential of their science. I am amazed that more investors don't seem to understand that everything else is second to getting the balance sheet finally cleaned up. Until potential partners/investors see the above issues resolved they aren't going to touch ACTC, also Up-list can't happen and the value of any success in trials is compromised for present investors.