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  • muzzzlim muzzzlim Jul 10, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    ObamaCare Falling Apart

    time to dismantle the job killing, govt building, America destroying monstrocity.....

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    • You have a gorilla and a excoke dealer as leaders

    • throw Odumbo in a dirty jail cell for the rest of his miserable existence....

    • Falling apart....

    • muzz -

      How about some facts and specifics?

      'Job killing, govt building, America destroying' are anecdotal conclusions which (important bit here) embody positional bias.

      If the PPACA is a bad idea, or a good idea badly prosecuted, so demonstrate.

      In doing so (the demonstration bit) address for whom the PPACA disadvantages and whom it advantages, where both the advantages and disadvantages are described in detail. Also, address the temporal aspects of the PPACA. To wit, while the PPACA may have various, assorted start-up costs, issues, inefficiencies, will there be a time when said costs, issues, inefficiencies are resolved? Is that time 1 year, 5 years, 10 years hence?

      (For what it's worth, your claims the sky is falling would be more credible if you could show the sky is falling. Simple repeating said claims tends to disable credibility. See Aesop further on this point if you're interested.)


    • look at it this way - IF you actually want ObamaCare and are rooting for it - you have no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      you do NOT know what is in the bill and you do NOT know why it was originally written.....

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      • It is a ...."Monstrosity"

        With all the lower southern states not participating or expanding Medicaid ie(Obamacare) which whom over 80% would be covered otherwise,does that mean that there will be a huge exitista's to the northern States to be covered?or business as usual free medical by going to the local county hospitals Emergency room and the tax payers flip the bill anyway?How does this help the Medical community or reduce the cost for the government that makes no sense nor does a lot of other things but that's a few other topics of which time is limited at the present..........later


        Ps.Which.... Btw the law is unconstitutional to begin with in the first place and illegal.