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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jul 11, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    I know y'all believe I am negative toward ACTC, but I am not, so let me tell ya....

    ....what I really think, besides that y'all SUX, is that ACT is on the verge of medical history, because they have a great Chief Scientist, Dr. Lanza, leading the way, along with an excellent Board of Directors lead by Dr. Langer, but the CEO is weak and must go. And if they fix the CEO problem by getting a CEO with energy , along with one that at least shows some semblance of care about the shareholders, then we'll really have something to cheer about, until then, we'll all be mired in quicksand going nowhere, just stuck in the same place, day after day.

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    • More evidence.

      Chimps...have temper tantrums when their decisions don't play out as they'd hoped, hinting that humans aren't the only species to let emotions influence their choices.
      These non-human apes pout, whimper, scratch themselves and bang on things when a risky choice fails to pay off or when they have to wait for a desired reward, according to new research published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE. " and write stupid posts on stock message boards

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      • Be Careful or Blue will start crying that your a racist....

        Words like chimps, non-human apes, etc.....seem to be racial comments to him......

        This normally occurs when one of his alter ego characters come out and is most likely his god complex character....

        It would be a much wonderful message board if the boy went to seek a mental health professional and received the right meds (besides his hourly ganja dose). As I am sure his god complex character would disappear.....

        Cause when he is in that state of mind I don't know whom the boy thinks he is, but he isn't HIM.......


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    • Re: "......, but the CEO is weak and must go...... mired in quicksand going nowhere, just stuck in the same place, day after day. "

      What urgency existed when you decided to buy ACTC and go long ? Didn't want to miss the boat, bus, plane, or train ? Surely, it couldn't have been ACTCs business model, or did you allow the rabidly optimistic, the unconscionable, and conjecture-based pumpers cloud your judgement ?

      : )

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      • Bear, I bought almost two years ago, so I have the right to complain when news is not forth coming from ACT, and especially nothing coming from an inept CEO.
        It's been almost two months since ACT confirmed it's claim of a patient going from 20/400 to 20/40, now thats curing blindness for God sake, yet there has not been a peep out of the company since then, and I, as a shareholder I deserve to know what in hell is going on.
        And what is your stake in this whole matter? Because all you do is cut and paste others comments, without adding anything of substance, probably because you lack substance.

    • keep -

      Start building a coalition of shareholders.

      Gather a critical mass of shares.

      Convince the group of your position.

      Either wait for the next shareholder meeting, or call one, and vote your coalition's share consistent with your views.

      Two observations:

      1. You should really know what you're doing and know what your talking about.

      2. This forum is not the place to start your coalition building.

      Good luck,

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      • Jus, I don't have the means to buy up a majority of shares, and I know that ACT management won't listen to what I have to say, because they've ignorned the common shareholder for ever, so this board is my only outlet for showing my displeasure on how things are being run. Too bad more of us don't do the same.
        And all these suggestions you gave me, have you ever tried them out yourself? Well don't, because they won't work on the powers that be, because this game is fixed against the small investor, yet we still try, it must be greed thats overriding all of our commonsense. In fact I believe greed is stronger than gravity, because when we hit the big one we feel as though we can fly through the sky, of course gravity eventually wins out, as we always come crashing back down to the ground, the ground being reality.

      • keep can also go to the Google ACT Discussion Forum where there is already a petition he can sign and promote calling for an investigation of Rabin and touching on a few other interesting issues.

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