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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jul 12, 2013 9:48 PM Flag

    O/T- OK, Stick That Racist Shiet Up Your A*S*S

    I am sick and tired of when little minded dip shiets can't get their way so they always inject the racist fkin c*rap into the conversation,, you cannot tell me of one person on this planet that does not have a bit racist bone in them with the exception of Mother Teresa and now she is a Saint, and blessed is her,, now you dumb fks stop with all the you said this and that,, it is getting quite childish and I would hope to think we can get to a new level in conversation about all things,, this in all is a good board and it is because of the people,, and we can do better and set examples to the newcomers, as ACTC is about to say howdy to us again,, go longs,,

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    • Funny, I have six black employees. Last month one of them, a manager, came to me and told me he had to let Jerold go. I said why, he seemed like a good guy had good attendance, worked hard and was always pretty upbeat. He said that one of the sales people came to him and gave him an urgent order that was a critical shipment for a good size client. Jerold went off on her and stormed off. My manager told me that when he asked Jerold what happened he replied, I'm sick of taking orders from white people. My manager responded, I give you orders all the time and my delivery ain't half as nice as theirs so what's the difference. The response was, Well I hate white people. When asked why, the response was, I don't know I just do. That about sums up racism, most people don't know why, they just are. My guess, fear and loathing.

    • Everyone has it in them...we all pre judge others...predjudice....racism is when it is done by skin color...Christ said not to judge others least you be judged....We would all be better off to try to follow his words....This is supposed to be the actc stock discussion board yet seems to be a (learning hopefuly) center for troubled minds....

    • Doc, calm down, I agree that we all have at least little racism in all our souls, but some take to the extreme by putting down others that are not the same color or ethnicity as they are. And don't forget we had the Jim Crow laws, which barred blacks from resaurants and bathrooms that whites used, until the 1960's, thats 100 years after the Civil War ended. And women didn't get to vote in this country until 1920. So as enlightened as we may all feel in this country, we really aren't so much. And if the religious right get their way we could easily return to our old backward Antebellum days days, or most likely back to the Gilded age where a few owned the majority of wealth in the country.
      But I say the hell with it all, because ACTC will soon begin to skyrocket higher, then we'll all be part of the rich crowd, a small part albeit, but rich all the same.
      Now how big is that boat that you wanted to buy?

    • Sounds like you got into the shine, doc. Sorry if you don't like it, but when racist spew their garbage it is up to regular, good people to speak up. Clealry you sympathize with them as you are attacking me and not the racists. What a shame.

    • Doc, the loons cry racism because they can't answer posts that tell the truth about The Dear Leader. They know it's the truth and the truth frustrates them so they cry racism.

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      • I have to agree, Racism is often called when there is no thoughtful logical response. What many people don't see is that humans are Tribal. They form groups for security and resist any outsiders. Many people think all Whites have it made and then you start drilling down and dive the whites into all sorts of categories/groups. Blue collar workers look down on the unemployed. White collar looks down on blue collar. College degree people look down on non- college. Doctorate students look down on non- doctorate. Certain Frats look down on other frats. It is never ending, Race is just a larger segment to dive us if we let it. If your younger you may not agree but we have moved a great deal forward in the last 40 years. Steps forward have been made, we just need to keep taking those steps.