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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jul 27, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    Even The Dear Leader's Gestapo doesn't want obamacare.

    IRS employee union: We don’t want Obamacare

    By JOEL GEHRKE | JULY 26, 2013 AT 11:45 AM

    National Taxpayer Employee Union officials are giving members a form letter expressing concern about federal employees being pushed out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. (Thinkstock) National Taxpayer Employee Union officials are giving members a form letter expressing concern...
    IRS employees have a prominent role in Obamacare, but their union wants no part of the law.

    National Treasury Employees Union officials are urging members to write their congressional representatives in opposition to receiving coverage through President Obama’s health care law.

    The union leaders are providing members with a form letter to send to the congressmen that says “I am very concerned about legislation that has been introduced by Congressman Dave Camp to push federal employees out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and into the insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act.”

    The NTEU represents 150,000 federal employees overall, including most of the nearly 100,000 IRS workers.

    Like most other federal workers, IRS employees currently get their health insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which also covers members of Congress.

    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp offered the bill in response to reports of congressional negotiations that would exempt lawmakers and their staff from Obamacare.

    “Camp has long believed every American ought to be exempt from the law, which is why he supports full repeal,” Camp spokeswoman Allie Walker said.

    “If the Obamacare exchanges are good enough for the hardworking Americans and small businesses the law claims to help, then they should be good enough for the president, vice president, Congress and federal employees,” she also said.

    “The NTEU represents Internal Revenue Service employees who have the responsibility to enforce much of the health insurance law, especially in terms of collecting the taxes and distributing subsidies that finance the whole system,” said Paul Kersey, director of Labor Policy at the Illinois Policy Institute.

    “IRS agents will also collect data and apply penalties for those who fail to comply with many of Obamacare’s requirements,” Kersey said.

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    • what do the stupid libs have to say about this?

    • Hey Pole,

      do you want it?

      Does anyone really understand it besides brother Doc? will be shoved and forced on us regardless.....That is the way of current...


      One question for pay attention;

      I was told my $3 per annum goes to repair/build federal highways.....And if a pot (hu Clod) bump is on a county within state road, then the state must use their funding to repair said road and will NOT receive tax payers money from the federal govt. to repair said road....

      Okay...the only way this works is if a road crosses between more than one state....for example a road crosses in Virginia and goes into another state, then the US govt. will send funding to those states....Hey they use it all the time for RICO bubs and other scenario situations...

      So my point is this.....Hawaii has a federal "HWY1" and receives a lot of funding from us taxpayers every year...Should not what other state does that HWY1 cross into or over to be able to receive all that money fro us taxpayers?...? Or because it does not cross into another state should not the state of Hawaii have to pay fro their own commerce to repair their own roads within their own state without federal assistance you have more on your plate than to ponder rules such as this that are in place... from tax dollars?......You know who is pocketing all that money....Right?...or Left?

      Never minfd Doc....I am sure their is a road that runs between Virginia and another state and the comptroller lets you know .....

      Elk zip your lip....Tanks....

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    • Is America constipating after seeing the recipe and tasting heavily touted , oversold, life saving broth?


    • Many folks don't want this dam thing,, its going to kill jobs and cost the tax payer a mint,, wait until folks start getting the bill for this thing,, can you hear screams,, 2014, here we come,, and in the meantime,, this president is not going to do a dam thing about his so called legacy, even though most don't want it now and it will eventually hurt instead of being helpful,,

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