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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jul 30, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Doc, keep is suppose to be an engineer yet he, like all loons, offers simplistic answers to complex problems.

    Remember when The Dear Leader offered his solution to cutting back on our oil imports. His solution was to keep
    your tires properly inflated and he wanted everyone to carry a tire gage. While prpoerly inflated tires do save
    gas, that was one lame solution form the smartest man in the world.

    Well keep's solution is to buy cfls and led lights. I have had cfls in my house for 20 years but that is a drop in
    the bucket and certainly is not a long term solution to our energy problems. New technology isn't here yet and may
    be decades away. We have been working on fusion since the 50s and aren't much closer to attaining fusion energy
    than we were in the 1950s.

    Solar panels are very expensive and according to a friend who sells them they begin to deteriorate almost
    immediately and give diminishing returns. For example they will start giving you less and less electricity per
    panel each year. Panel deterioration, like anything else left out in the sun, solar panels gradually become damaged
    by ultraviolet radiation. Rain, snow, dirt, temperature fluctuations, hail and wind also pose serious hazards.

    A medium sized system to provide power to a small or very energy efficient house might cost $25,000 and a solar
    system to power a large house could cost $50,000+. The more kwh you install on your roof the cheaper it will be for
    each watt of electricity. Up to 2009, the cost was approximately 6.50 to $7.50 per watt of solar electricity.
    According to these numbers a 1kWh system will cost $6500 to $7500.

    Typically the payback period for a solar installation that powers the majority of your household is roughly 17
    years, assuming that your current utility grade electricity is 15 cents a kilowatt hour. My cost for 1kwh is 8.5
    cents so it would take me over 30 years to break even. I'll be dead by then.

    Keep gives his other pie in the sky solution to fossil fuels, electric cars. I believe some day we may have
    feasible electric cars, maybe in a few decades but not now.

    What does keep think powers electric cars? Coal powered plants that's what. Electricity has to come from somewhere
    not from loony left hopes and wishes, that's for sure. Also if all the cars in the US were somehow converted by
    loony left magic to electric cars, the power grid would shut down. We will ,therefore, have to have more fossil
    fuel power plants to provide electricity for expensive, limited range electric cars.

    Now let's address the battery problems:

    You can replace lead-acid batteries with NiMH batteries. The range of the car will double and the batteries will
    last 10 years (thousands of charge/discharge cycles), but the cost of the batteries today is 10 to 15 times greater
    than lead-acid. In other words, an NiMH battery pack will cost $20,000 to $30,000 (today) instead of $2,000. Prices
    for advanced batteries fall as they become mainstream, so over the next several years it is likely that NiMH and
    lithium-ion battery packs will become competitive with lead-acid battery prices. Electric cars will have
    significantly better range at that point.

    When you look at the problems associated with batteries, you gain a different perspective on gasoline. Two gallons
    of gasoline, which weighs 15 pounds, costs $8.00 and takes 30 seconds to pour into the tank, is equivalent to 1,000
    pounds of lead-acid batteries that cost $2,000 and take four hours to recharge.

    The problems with battery technology explain why there is so much excitement around fuel cells today. Compared to
    batteries, fuel cells will be smaller, much lighter and instantly rechargeable. When powered by pure hydrogen, fuel
    cells have none of the environmental problems associated with gasoline. It is very likely that the car of the
    future will be an electric car that gets its electricity from a fuel cell. There is still a lot of research and
    development that will have to occur, however, before inexpensive, reliable fuel cells can power automobiles. Again
    we are looking at decades of research before we have a cheap, working fuel cell.

    Also battery disposal is a big problem. If we have a couple on hundred million of expended batteries to dispose of
    the topic waste problem is not only monumental it is horrendous to the environment. And I though the loons go weak
    in the knees when talking about the environment but I guess that doesn't bother keep in his simplistic not well
    thought out argument.

    Someday we will have a green, inexpensive energy sources but not today and until we do have a viable alternative
    source what do the loons like keep suggest we use for energy?

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    • I see that keep has not given me a well thought out, factual point by point rebuttal. In fact none of the loons have.

      elk has done what he always does, change the subject. All of this means they can' rebut me and this proves my point that loons live in La La Land not the land of reality. Reality hurts their heads.

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    • Catt,, I remember that tire gage thing, pretty funny and sad at the same time,, a peak of stupidity in solving the worlds problems,,
      The battery thing could be almost as bad as nuclear material disposal,,
      The electric car thing cracks me up when you talk to a total idiot lib when they think that electricity to run the dam things comes by magic,,
      And I'm telling you that folks could be forced to burn wood AND coal to keep warm if the war on fossil fuels continues,, That will pollute more than coal ever did,,
      And you are right,, green energy will come in time and will be better for all, but, time is the key,, it does not happen over night and America will still need fossil fuel until that time,, but there are some people that do not have the capacity to under stand this,,

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    • Sorry about the format. I typed this up on Word Pad and the pasted it to a word processor to check the spelling and it screwed up the format.

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