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  • fighterpilot fighterpilot Aug 15, 2013 5:38 AM Flag

    The uproar about my Citroen OT


    I am fighting the alliance of car restoring perfectionists. After I used a rust oleum spraycan to enhance the color of my yellow ugly duckling the perfectionists went wild. From offers to paint the car for me for free to the ultimate disgust including my wife siding with the perfectionists. Every time I think I get the upper hand with my countless arguments for an ugly car, the perfectionists strike again with their darn offers to help me.

    Leave me alone, I love those scratches in the paint and when the paint runs down the doors. Actually I took the doors out and only paint the air.

    Long live my restoration project, my donuts taste better than ever with all the restoration hate from my friends.

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