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  • krycap64 krycap64 Aug 19, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha this am unfortunately makes valid points

    Josh (SA)

    He made all valid points that were made on this board by more than one person.

    The fact is that ACTC has made some mischaracterizations of their news releases and the inconsistencies of their statements versus their holding pattern of insider shares. Whether these situations are well founded is up to somebody else as I'm concerned about the science only until they turnover bad management.

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    • Accusing a company of making mischaracterizations without concrete proof and/or evidence is grounds for a libel lawsuit !!!

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      • Mother, of all people you should be the one most concerned about libel lawsuits, as you've made some of the most libelous statements ever posted on this board, but nobody takes you serious, so you get away with it.
        Maybe you should reread the Seeking Alpha article, and yourself why Gary hasen't responded to these damning accusations about him.
        Here's a snipet from the article:

        "Insider Selling Transactions Reported 2 Years Late

        Advanced Cell Technology's CEO Gary Rabin is not only CEO, but also the company's chairman of the board, and previously in the past was in addition to these two roles the CFO as well. This would have all been fine if Mr. Rabin was fulfilling his insider transaction reporting obligations at least, but this year on April 15th a bombshell was dropped when a Form 4 was issued disclosing that Mr. Rabin had previously failed to report 27 insider sales transactions of his company's stock dating as far back as 2/7/2011. When asked about this issue in a recent conference call Mr. Rabin responded with the following:

        "Look, as you all know, I have been working to get this company cleaned up for the 2+ years that I have been here and this is obviously very frustrating. What I will say is that the independent members of the board are conducting a review regarding the circumstances surrounding this, as well as our internal training policies and procedures. After they have completed that review, we'll make any disclosures deemed necessary. I can't really say anything else about that now." "

    • The points are valid. If they were not we would not be heading back to the .05s.

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      • If the points are valid or not, is irrelevant. There are basically two things that can happen with this company. Either the stem cells don't work and the company fails or they do work and they, and share holders, make a bundle. Talk of dilution and officers selling shares etc is just that, talk. If you think the stem cells will not work, as thought, get out of the stock. If you feel there is a reasonable chance of the stem cell studies being successful, stay in. It's just that simple. If the stock drops to the .05's I will buy more.

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