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  • ryanplume ryanplume Aug 19, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    The article is right.

    This company should be BK with all that it's been through. Gary steered us through that, and for that I thank him.

    However, he has also made some poor decisions, has taken advantage of stockholders and has had a huge personal payout when he has yet to show shareholders a solid return. He has mismanaged things, loves to point fingers at others, and has yet to take this company and its share price to the level that it should be at.

    It seems apparent that the article was written by a shareholder that has owned this stock and probably had a loss. But his statements are accurate and backed up with facts.

    Ultimately, if the science works at the level that Gary indicates, everyone owning this stock will profit. I do feel hopeful of the potential with ACTC and that the large drop today is unwarranted and is actually a great buying op, but I also agree with the post. Gary needs to turn things around and quit mucking around.

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