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  • ccf11777 ccf11777 Aug 19, 2013 10:43 PM Flag

    that scam article was great news and heres why scammers want in before the kickoff and cheap

    first that con artist says I won't make any-moves for 72 hours , yeah you believe him, what about his buddies and his families, what a con artist, I am reporting him, for many reasons many the sec will visit him

    second , he says embryo destruction, uhhhh lie , I believe the term for what Lanza created was just talked about called NEDS non embryo destruction, this clown flat out lied

    third they are AUTHORIZED shares the extra billion NOT ISSUED and it's smart in case the big pharmas try to steal it he can raise money after EVEN a 100 to 1 reverse, why?? because the 1 billion becomes 100 million so even if they 100 to 1 your talkin 270 million o/s shares and an extra 100 to sell at say $ 5.00 dollars a share
    it's brilliant and the total o/s would be 370 million , uh duh a 55 billion dollar market and only 370 million shares?????? duh

    that article was solely designed to let other scam artist buy more on the cheap, beware when the results are published this stock will move right b4 your eyes.

    what a con that article was